UNICEF Recruits Gamers To Mine Cryptocurrency for Syria


Play Overwatch and help some children.

Can playing video games help raise money for charity? UNICEF thinks so. The charity organization launched a new initiative Friday called Game Chaingers, reports Engadget.

The project raises money for children in war-torn Syria by mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum using the processing power of PCs. 

UNICEF is inviting gamers, eSports fans and really anyone with a powerful graphics card in their computer. Those interested can join here, provide a few details about their computing system in order to configure the mining software, and then install that software. The mined cryptocurrency goes straight to UNICEF's account

This initiative is also in part an effort to involve the younger generation in giving, as the majority of UNICEF's donors are over 50-years-old.

To learn more, check out the video below: