New Google App Could Help You Save Data


Because even 'unlimited' data plans have limits.

Are you going over data limits on your smartphone and incurring charges? Google has released a new app for Android users designed to help. The app, called Datally, helps users monitor their data use in real time, and ultimately reduce their data usage.

The app provides graphs to break down the bigger picture, so users can see how they're using their data and which apps are causing trouble.

Datally will also send notifications to users to switch on the app's data saver function if it's currently switched off. It can also inform users of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, which in turn will help users save data.

While some of these features are available individually on Android phones, often in the settings menu, the app brings them all together in an easy to access location.

Learn more about how the app works in the video below from Google: