Emerging Tech

Senators move to ban TSA’s facial recognition screenings

The bipartisan proposal cited concerns about the government’s collection of biometric data.


Congress takes up software supply chain security

The FITARA scorecard could become a vehicle for measuring agency progress against the administration's software security goals.

Digital Government

USDA unveils new data strategy

The Department of Agriculture’s new guidance builds on previous agency plans, and looks to improve data sharing and incorporate artificial intelligence into analytics operations.

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Virtual workspace is helping government usher in the next generation of collaboration and coordination

Despite technological advances, it’s still not easy for government organizations to get everyone on the same page when it matters most. This platform aims to change that.


How a push to the cloud helped a Ukrainian bank keep faith with customers amid war

Ukraine’s largest bank preserved economic stability for 20 million customers amid an ongoing war with Russia.

Emerging Tech

House committee unanimously approves quantum reauthorization bill

The reauthorization of 2018’s landmark quantum information sciences legislation is set to move to a full House vote, though a companion has not yet been introduced in the Senate.


Lawmakers raise concerns over Chinese-made LiDAR tech

Members of a House panel focused on China's growing global influence voiced concern over U.S. technology being used in adversaries’ LiDAR systems and the possibility that China-made LiDAR products are embedded in critical U.S. applications.


Okta breach includes theft of data on nearly all help desk users, including some feds

The company revised its earlier reporting on the scope of the breach, but said that data on users of high-impact federal and DOD systems was not compromised.

Artificial Intelligence

DARPA’s massive defensive AI challenge begins in December

The original announcement of the AIxCC challenge — and its millions in prize money — made waves at Black Hat 2023.

Artificial Intelligence

DHS aims to lead in defense against ‘adversarial’ AI

The agency’s secretary noted artificial intelligence has proven useful for DHS operations in many ways, but also cautioned that the technology can be used for more nefarious purposes.

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Cloud computing and customer experience in the Public Sector

Discover the primary benefits that digital cloud platforms provide government agencies that allow them to participate in an ecosystem that is regularly updated.

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s military use is limited by maturity concerns, CENTCOM official says

A U.S. Central Command official noted that “performance is still quite up and down” with AI, even as officials continue to experiment with the emerging technologies.


Reorganizing government acquisition for the digital age

The General Services Administration recently reorganized its Federal Acquisition Service, eliminating its regional structure, a move its commissioner Sonny Hashmi says is already yielding positive results.


HHS seeks zero trust support

The highly federated agency is looking for contactor assistance to hit enterprisewide security goals.


IRS starts the bidding for $1.9B IT services recompete

The tax collection agency is undertaking this recompete amid its broader push to overhaul the entire tech environment, which includes systems first stood up in the 1960s.


DHS aims to cut another 10M hours of paperwork

Within the newly formalized DHS Customer Experience Office, “our biggest challenge is that the demand far outstrips the supply,” said its leader, Dana Chisnell.

Artificial Intelligence

US and UK release joint guidelines for secure-by-design AI

The Guidance Secure AI System Development brings together international perspectives and consensus on what the DHS secretary said could be “the most consequential technology of our time.”


Navy’s first cyber strategy looks beyond cybersecurity to digital operations

The military branch must “fully account for new realities presented by cyberspace and the information environment,” the inaugural strategy asserts.


Forget dystopian scenarios – AI is pervasive today, and the risks are often hidden

COMMENTARY | The AI most likely to cause you harm is not some malevolent superintelligence, but the loan algorithm at your bank.


Longtime Silicon Valley representative announces retirement

During her more than 30 years in Congress, Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., has been a fierce advocate for net neutrality and a supporter of data privacy legislation that would protect consumers’ personal information.

Artificial Intelligence

FTC votes to streamline investigations into AI products

In a 3-0 vote, the Federal Trade Commission approved a resolution that will let agency staff issue certain demands when investigating artificial intelligence-based services and products for potential market violations.