CXO Briefing

Federal CIO: The Tech is 'The Easy Part' of Improving CX

Blockers to implementing service improvements frequently center around policy and process requirements, top tech officials said at the Code for America Summit on Tuesday.


Legislation Promoting Cyber Collaboration Between DHS and States Awaits Biden Signature

The legislation would improve information sharing between federal cybersecurity authorities and state and local governments.

Emerging Tech

Defense Officials Review AI Initiatives Within New Office

A House committee hearing questioned defense officials about the agency's new AI officer role and the ethics underpinning emerging tech.

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Scaling Agile for Government

Government is increasingly looking to use Agile to quickly deliver technology that meets users’ needs.


Agencies Showcase Federal Cyber Progress, Outline Future Threats

Witnesses from CISA, NIST, and the GSA spoke before a House Homeland subcommittee on their current efforts to bolster the nation’s cyber defenses.

Emerging Tech

What We Learned from Congress’ First Open UFO Hearing in 50 Years

A House hearing Tuesday discussed everything from extraterrestrials to advanced technology potentially developed by other nations.


Mars is Getting an Unreal New Simulation for NASA Training

A new gaming engine also has the potential to revolutionize how astronauts prepare for Mars missions.


FBI Announces New Intelligence Directorate Chief

Tonya Ugoretz formerly held the role of assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division.

IT Modernization

Biden Administration Launches New Component To Internet Expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.

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Agencies Can Embrace a New Generation of Broadband

At a recent roundtable discussion industry and academia leaders discuss how to to successfully integrate 5G technology.


US-EU Trade Meeting Highlights Semiconductor Independence, Emerging Tech Protocol

The Trade and Technology Council’s second meeting, held in Paris, will further the transatlantic dialogue surrounding tech trade and usage policy.


Online Data Could be Used Against People Seeking Abortions if Roe v. Wade Falls

Women in states where abortion becomes illegal who rely on the internet for information, products and services related to reproductive health would be subject to online policing.

CXO Briefing

Remote Work May Actually Be Good for Business

Working remotely doesn't negatively affect productivity. It may actually even enhance both employee and company resiliency, a new study finds.

CXO Briefing

GSA's New Thinking for Evaluating Polaris Bids

After collecting industry feedback, the General Services Administration will give a new proposal due date and open the bid submission portal.


Key Convener Releases Plan for Securing Open Source Software with White House

A crucial entity within the open source ecosystem is urging prioritization of libraries that support widespread applications like internet routing, among other things.

Emerging Tech

Justice, EEOC Release Guide To Prevent AI Discrimination

A new document builds on burgeoning EEOC regulations to prevent biases in AI technology in the workplace.

Emerging Tech

Defense Officials Emphasize Lab Modernization, Acquisition Reform Among Budget Priorities

Speaking before a House subcommittee, Department of Defense leaders identified critical operation areas within DOD offices that demand more federal funding to continue research and development.

Emerging Tech

Say Hello to Sagittarius A*, the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

On May 12, 2022, astronomers on the Event Horizon Telescope team released an image of a black hole called Sagittarius A* that lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Chris Impey, an astronomer at the University of Arizona, explains how the team got this image and why it is such a big deal.