State is taking an ‘important step’ for planned EHR, as key lawmaker moves to speed it up

State’s Bureau of Medical Services has been working for more than a decade to replace its current paper-based medical record system with an electronic solution to better meet the healthcare needs of its diplomatic corps.

Digital Government

IRS Direct File to be fully available March 12

The tool is a new way for eligible taxpayers to file directly with the IRS online for free.


Biden’s new data security order leaves industry officials, privacy advocates scratching their heads

Implementing the executive order will involve crafting new legal mechanisms for data transfers while assuaging ongoing privacy concerns.

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No-Code Automation Software is the Future for Federal Agencies

Take control of risk management processes with the most advanced, easy-to-use GRC software.

Emerging Tech

Warner, Blackburn team up to reestablish U.S. leadership in international tech standards

New bipartisan legislation would ask NIST to help the U.S. establish a stronger international presence in setting emerging technology standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Senate committees to start marking up AI bills soon, senator says

One of the Republican members of the bipartisan AI working group estimated that major Senate committees will begin marking up AI-related legislation “in March or April.”

Artificial Intelligence

Congressional Black Caucus launches AI Policy Series spotlighting discrimination

The new series of discussions hosted by the House’s Congressional Black Caucus will focus on ensuring AI systems are working for, not against, Black communities. 


Biden admin to seek surveillance court blessing to renew Section 702 program through next year

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court will receive the White House filing next month.


Biden administration waives certain ‘Build America’ requirements for broadband

Even with the waiver, though, the administration estimates that roughly 90% of funding for equipment will still be used to purchase U.S.-made products.

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Building a Secure Foundation for American Leadership in AI

Help chart a clear path forward for building a secure foundation for your agency or institution.


Congress reaches fiscal 2024 funding deal, new stopgaps in hopes of averting shutdown

Lawmakers must act in a hastened and united fashion to pass the new CR before funding expires this week.


Civil liberties groups urge Congress to keep 702 measures out of upcoming funding votes

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire on April 19 unless reauthorized by Congress.


SSA taps White House tech official for CIO post

Marcela Escobar-Alava will be starting as the CIO of the Social Security Administration on Monday.

Artificial Intelligence

IBM calls for stricter regulatory posture on deepfakes

The multinational tech company supported legislation that outlaws synthetic AI-generated content

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to fight fraud is paying off, Treasury says

The tech has helped recover over $375 million since Treasury began using it over a year ago.


Nearly 300 comment on proposed CMMC rule

The Defense Department now has to process and respond to the comments before it issues the final version of the industry-wide rule in the fall.


Russian space nuke wouldn’t alter US orbital-network plans, Space Force says

The nascent Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture is built on the idea that lots of satellites offer plenty of redundancy.


Biden executive order aims to stop adversaries from obtaining, exploiting Americans’ personal data

Data brokers under the order are barred from selling bulk caches of sensitive Americans’ data to multiple foreign countries, including China and Russia.


US tech is still powering Russian weapons, experts warn

American components that have been found in the sanctioned country’s weaponry are “fueling and supporting the growing and gargantuan Russian war machine,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.