Artificial Intelligence

Senate bill mandating agency chief AI officers gets House companion

The proposal would codify several aspects of AI guidance released by the Office of Management and Budget in guidance this spring.


CISA conducts AI-driven cyber tabletop exercise with government and industry

The Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative participated in a hypothetical AI-powered cyberattack drill to update information sharing protocols tailored to disruptions to automated systems.

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Bridging the final frontier: Ensuring connectivity, progress and peace in the space age

As government operations move further into deep space, agencies need the right capabilities for awareness, connectivity and safety.


Meeting federal software supply chain mandates

COMMENTARY | The deadline for secure software attestations is looming. Here's what you need to know.


Lawmakers question Microsoft president over security culture that enabled recent hacking incidents

Brad Smith took responsibility for the hacks as lawmakers said the tech giant will have to work to earn back the trust of its customers.


Identity theft victims are waiting almost 2 years for help from the IRS

The tax agency needs to do more to bring down that wait time, the National Taxpayer Advocate says.


Decade-old cyber advice from GAO remains unimplemented, watchdog says

Reliance on legacy IT systems creates challenges for agencies looking to make use of the suggestions.


Microsoft Chose Profit Over Security and Left U.S. Government Vulnerable to Russian Hack, Whistleblower Says

Microsoft dismissed his warnings, telling him they would work on a long-term alternative — leaving cloud services around the globe vulnerable to attack in the meantime.

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No-Code Automation Software is the Future for Federal Agencies

Discover how Onspring’s no-code platform gives your agency more control over its GRC processes.

Artificial Intelligence

White House to host event showcasing AI’s potential

The Office of Science and Technology Policy will present seven projects that aim to facilitate various public sector operations, featuring collaborations from academia and private sector players.

Digital Government

What it will take to make Direct File permanent

The IRS will have to grapple with expanding access and capabilities — while also convincing skeptical lawmakers to maintain funding.

Emerging Tech

Veterans Health Administration creates new office to streamline tech initiatives

The Veterans Health Administration has combined a number of its existing programs into one office to serve as the agency’s “central coordinator of digital health strategy and execution.”


Transforming budgeting amid rapid technological change

COMMENTARY | Public sector organizations stand to gain significantly from reforming their IT budgeting and planning approaches in response to technological advancements.


Pentagon pauses development of its go-to data analytics tool

New data chief orders infrastructure improvements to Advana platform, which tracks Ukraine aid and many other things.

Artificial Intelligence

Senators look to mitigate risks in AI procurement

Sens. Gary Peters and Thom Tillis introduced new legislation that would codify safety measures in government contracts for artificial intelligence products and services.


CACI wins $2B NASA IT centralization job

The space agency is looking to standardize and consolidate how it manages IT systems and applications.

Digital Government

NIST, Beeck Center, CDT to collaborate on digital identity and public benefits

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will be working with the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation’s Digital Benefits Network as well as the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology.