CIO Briefing

Biden Aims for Federal Contractors to Pay a $15 Minimum Wage

He directed his administration to work on an executive order within his first 100 days. 


Dashboard Offers Data on Agency Hiring Processes and Lack of Objective Assessments

Federal hiring managers are asking applicants whether they’re qualified for open positions but aren’t getting hard data to back that up.

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Automation Nation: Accelerating Agility in Government with AI

By automating critical processes, government agencies can continuously maximize network efficiency and service agility.


How to Stay Safe with a Fast-Spreading New Coronavirus Variant on the Loose

There is still a lot that scientists and doctors don’t know about the coronavirus and its mutations, but there are some clear strategies people can use to protect themselves.

CIO Briefing

Biden Appoints Acting Chairs at FCC, FTC

The appointments position the regulatory agencies to take a more aggressive stance against the tech industry.


How to Modernize Mission-Critical IT Systems Without Disruption

Technology never stands still, so building new solutions based on requirements drafted in the past will always result in out of data solutions.

CIO Briefing

Lawmakers Propose 3.2% Raise for Feds in 2022

Democrats in both chambers of Congress have reintroduced legislation to boost basic pay by 2.2% across the board next year, along with an average 1% increase in locality pay.

Emerging Tech

New Session Sparks New Priorities for Senate AI Caucus

After steering several AI policies in 2020, the nascent group is embarking on a new agenda.


DOD’s Cybersecurity Certification Requirements to Appear in DHS Contracts

Official says a selection of the first contractors to be audited will be vetted by members of the new administration.

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Data Defenders: How DoD Can Tap Technology to Leverage Data More Effectively

When armed with actionable insights, soldiers and staff have the power to make real-time, informed decisions. But too often, this data is difficult to access.

CIO Briefing

Biden’s Wave of COVID-19 Executive Orders Relies On Data To Implement

While technology is not the main focus of the pandemic response plan, collecting and disseminating more data is a recurring theme.

CIO Briefing

Biden Issues Sweeping Ethics Plan for Appointees

Hours before departing the White House, former President Trump revoked his own ethics pledge, allowing current and former Trump appointees to immediately become lobbyists.

CIO Briefing

Administration Unveils Senior Tech and Acquisition Leaders

Some will serve as temporary caretakers as nominees go through the confirmation process.

CIO Briefing

As Biden Signs On, Trump Appointees Share Social Media Sign-Offs

Posts highlighting the former and present administrations’ moves spanned online platforms Wednesday.

CIO Briefing

Presidential Inauguration Includes a Digital Transition

Websites and social media accounts made the transition along with presidential power, with the new administration making its mark right away.

Emerging Tech

Trump Takes Executive Action on Drones in Final White House Days

The executive order encourages federal agencies to divest from unmanned aerial systems manufactured by China, Russia and Iran.


A New Administration Offers an Ideal Time to Prevent Entitlement Creep

Here’s what you need to know to protect federal employees and secure classified data.

CIO Briefing

Defense Secretary Nominee Says Hack Perpetrators ‘Should be Held Accountable’

Gen. Lloyd Austin committed to conducting a review of defense cyber operations, if confirmed.