DHS Needs to Define Network Disruptions Before It Can Fight Them

Agencies have different definition of what an outage is and that matters.

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A Transformative Program for Government Agencies: The Next Generation Data Center

A typical IT hardware buy can take three to nine months. Numerous agencies are beginning to employ a consumption-based strategy to achieve markedly improved efficiencies while simultaneously reducing cost. Here is how agencies are navigating critical challenges with their data centers.

Emerging Tech

DARPA-Funded Work May Help Troops See Around Corners

By setting up multiple sensors, researchers have learned to “see” what’s out of sight.


Machine Learning Could Help Chip Away at the Security Clearance Backlog

Augmenting human investigators is a better option than doing reinvestigations less frequently.

CIO Briefing

Survey: Citizens Favor a More Digital Government

Most of the citizens polled thought digital services are as important or more important than traditional service delivery.

IT Modernization

White House Wants More Input Before Finalizing New Government Research Center Structure

Officials are pondering the next steps as they sift through initial feedback on the proposed GEAR Center.

Emerging Tech

Inside the Search Engine That Spots Traffickers, Terrorists and Money Launderers

Rooted in DARPA research, the tool shines light on the darkest corners of the internet.


U.S. To Go on Offense in Cyberspace, Bolton Says

The strategy comes shortly after a directive that reduced interagency checks before a U.S. cyber strike.

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Pentagon Declares War on Scooters

After seven rental scooters were abandoned at the Pentagon following this year’s September 11 remembrances, police say they will begin impounding the unauthorized rides. Bikes, too.


Symantec Fighting Copycat Election Websites

The company wants to catch fake websites before they make off with your personal information.


Company That Pushed Hackers Out of DNC Now Protecting Government Systems

CrowdStrike is authorized to protect ‘moderate impact level’ cloud-based government systems.

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NASA’s Beloved Mars Rovers Are Having a Rough Year

One was felled by a dust storm. And now the other has been sidelined by a technical glitch.

Emerging Tech

Watch a Space Robot Capture a Runaway Satellite With its Net

Space debris like an errant satellite can pose a risk to other things in orbit.


DHS Needs More Data to Help Stop Bioterrorism

The agency is looking for nationwide information on medical interventions, food safety, wildlife health, travel itineraries and other health-related topics.


Pentagon’s Updated Cyber Strategy Focuses on ‘Assertively Defending’ U.S. Interests

The new strategy directs the department to deter cyber threats and cultivate its cyber talent.