IT Modernization

IRS Should Prioritize Auditing and Customer Service Modernization, Former Officials Say

Machine learning could be used to better serve taxpayers and help close the tax gap, they said.


National Cyber Director: Liability Should Be Part of the Equation for Public-Private Collaboration

Cyber leaders’ plan to emphasize collective defense over offense hinges on industry’s willingness to share information with government in real time.

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Best Practices for Implementing the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Within the next two to three months, agencies are required to take immediate actions aimed at rapidly improving cyber security and modernizing Federal IT architectures.

Emerging Tech

DIY 'Smart' White Cane Works Like a Self-Driving Car

The cane uses a LIDAR sensor to measure distance to nearby obstacles and then directs users around those areas.


Feds Urge Action Against BlackMatter Ransomware Based on Third-Party Tip

A joint advisory officially associates the notorious ransomware-as-a-service group with the Colonial Pipeline attack.

Emerging Tech

US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever

Its lessons will inform the Army’s next-gen-unmanned-vehicles plan to ask tech firms to deliver the brains and established firms to deliver the wheels.

Emerging Tech

CBP Testing Thermal Body Scans at Pedestrian Border Crossings

The agency is piloting a new Pedestrian Detection-at-Range system to identify illegal or dangerous items being smuggled through ports of entry.

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3 Straightforward Approaches to Data Modernization

During a recent roundtable discussion, experts from Elastic and the intelligence community convened to speak about what steps agencies must take for effective, secure data modernization.


Federal Health Care Organizations Seek New Prescription for Managing Device Vulnerability 

The threat landscape in the medical sector is massive and expanding daily with exponential growth in connected medical devices.


Treasury Analysis Identifies Cryptocurrency Exchanges Associated With Ransomware

The department is tracking a huge increase in ransomware disclosures but data suggests the events are still grossly underreported.

Emerging Tech

Navy to Prototype Fish-Inspired, Autonomous Robots with ‘Self-Healing’ Parts

Officials identified the vendor they’re eyeing to prototype the futuristic vehicle component.

CIO Briefing

DDS Security Clearance Tool Evolves into ‘SITH’ Insider Threat Program

The Defense Digital Service’s automated investigations tool turns to the dark side of insider threat hunting and gets rebranded to match.


Agencies Warn of Ongoing Cyber Threats to Water Treatment Facilities

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and other agencies issued a joint advisory about mitigating ransomware threats.

Emerging Tech

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

This series examines the impacts of AI across government, from R&D spending to mission delivery.


Health Agency CISO Looks to Increase Security in Software Transparency Requirements

Robert Wood aims to improve security while fostering faster mission execution from a DevSecOps “BatCAVE” at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

IT Modernization

Audit: Labor Department IT Governance ‘Ambiguous,’ Unorganized 

A report from the Office of the Inspector General showcases several weaknesses in the agency’s IT governance, particularly highlighting the lack of CIO oversight.

IT Modernization

Army Gets Strategic About Going Digital

Policy reforms and technology boosts are in the pipeline, military leaders confirmed.