Updated Policy

How federal agencies are responding to the Trump assassination attempt

FBI, Secret Service and others are taking a lead role and deploying personnel in response to Saturday's shooting.

Digital Government

SSA transitions online accounts to Login-dot-gov for sign in

The agency said the change will affect individuals who created “my Social Security” accounts through its website before September 18, 2021.

Digital Government

As GSA turns 75, one of its leading technologists reflects on the agency's mission

Ann Lewis, director of the Technology Transformation Services, talks implementation, money and more.

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How Salesforce transforms field work for the public sector

As organizations recognize the important role of field services such as repairs and maintenance in delivering exceptional service, there's an increasing demand for solutions.


Space operations boss wants more virtual simulations to boost training

After a recent demo, Lt. Gen. David Miller said Space Operations Command needs realistic simulations to train at the highest levels.

Artificial Intelligence

DHS generative AI pilot embraces hiccups of emerging tech

Michael Boyce, the director of the AI Corps at the Department of Homeland Security said a pilot program using generative AI to train new asylum and refugee officers is leaning into hallucinations to better mirror real interviews.


Several DOD IT programs still don’t have a cyber strategy, watchdog finds

Cyber strategy requirements in the Defense Department’s IT business unit date back to at least 2014. A government watchdog thinks it's time for an update.

Emerging Tech

NASA’s astronauts return after a year living on simulated Mars

Everything about the mission was conducted to simulate an actual Martian environment.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can enhance border security but won’t close workforce gap, lawmakers say

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is facing a “major shortfall” of about 5,000 personnel, according to Rep. Lou Correa, D-Calif.

Digital Government

Jobless aid programs get a facelift under a bipartisan Senate proposal

The bill responds to asks from the oversight community, in addition to instituting requirements for states administering the funds.

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The federal AI playbook: Mission transformation for the AI era

Government initiatives speak to the fundamental tension that agencies must navigate as AI becomes more available and capable.


NIST will fire the ‘starting gun’ in the race to quantum encryption

Experts in the public and private sectors highlighted how to proactively transition networks to quantum-resilient standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Lawmaker looks to update standards for AI-generated robocalls

A new proposal from Rep. Rick Allen, R-Ga., would make calls created by artificial intelligence tools “subject to the same regulations and standards as traditional telephone-based systems.”


Russian influence operations ‘preeminent threat’ to November election, officials warn

Moscow appears to continue favoring Donald Trump, while other nations will aim to sow divisional chaos online or sway broader geopolitical discussions.


US, allies take down Kremlin-backed AI bot farm

The bot farm allegedly originated from a deputy manager at RT — a Russian state-backed news agency — and spread disinformation on the X social media platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Trump pledges to ax Biden’s AI executive order

The newly adopted Republican platform calls the executive order “dangerous.”

Emerging Tech

Diverting TSA funds harms deployment of new tech, lawmakers warn

A bill to keep all 9/11 security fee collections at TSA would help the agency more quickly deploy facial recognition capabilities, but its supporters say privacy still needs to be prioritized.

Exclusive Cybersecurity

Patchwork cyber laws cost the government money, Amazon security chief says

An exclusive conversation with Amazon CSO Steve Schmidt unpacks his views on cyber policy themes this year.


DARPA wants to use AI to find new rare minerals

With spectral analysis, it’s possible to “tell the difference [between] cocaine that came from one cartel’s area of Colombia versus another.”

Digital Government

DHS selects 6 digital wallet startups for identity security contracts

The agency aims to facilitate more ways to comply with travel document requirements while safeguarding U.S. citizen privacy.