Survey: Federal Managers Support CDM More Than Implementers

Tech implementers are far less likely to consider the Homeland Security Department’s cyber program effective than their managers—either in its current or final form.


Mozilla Tests Firefox VPN Service

The popular browser is seeing whether users will pay a monthly fee for extra privacy.

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Artificial Intelligence Unleashed

How agencies can use AI to automate & augment operations to improve performance.


DHS Preps Extra Cyber Support for States with Close Midterm Races

The tightness of an election is just one factor in where the Homeland Security Department will field its Election Day cybersecurity teams.


Official: Upcoming Data Strategy Shouldn’t Mean More Work for Feds

The strategy’s action items will focus on how agencies can make better use of the data and programs already in place.


Russian Intel Chief: Internet Should Be Controlled By ‘Proper Authorities’

The FSB says it’s trying to curb extremism online — but it’s also muting foreign and dissenting voices.

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OMB Announces Permanent U.S. Digital Service Leadership

The roles will now have two-year term limits and will no longer be presidential appointees.


CYBERCOM Seeks an Integrator for its Cyber Training Environment

The integrator will pull together disparate parts of the cyber training environment being built by other contractors.


GSA Took 800 Days to Notify Some Data Breach Victims

The agency also changed its rules in ways that could make notifications for breach victims less timely, an agency auditor found.


Hackers Breach

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acknowledged 75,000 people's records were accessed but haven’t disclosed who might be behind it.

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Eliminating Tech Tribalism in Government

Are public sector agencies ready take tech collaboration to the next level? Our survey says government officials want to, but don’t know where to start.


Insider Threats Are Alive and Well. Take These 6 Steps to Reduce Risk.

The recent sentencing of a National Security Agency analyst shows agencies need to remain vigilant.


Election Day Security Chat Room Will Be Open to More Than 3,000 County-Level Officials

The chat room will operate on an unclassified level and invite participation from across U.S. counties, a DHS official said.