CXO Briefing

VA Used COVID Relief Funds to Bolster IT and Digital Services

The VA used supplemental COVID funding from three different bills to support expanded telehealth services and remote operations during the worst of the pandemic.

Emerging Tech

DOD Wants Cyber Apprenticeships for Contractors, but Acquisition Regulations May Remain an Obstacle

DOD officials say contractors should increase the use of registered cyber apprenticeships, but some companies argue that federal contract requirements often lock them into education and experience prerequisites.

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Why Government Leaders Are Turning to AI

Learn more about how Artificial Intelligence has empowered government employees to deliver on the mission.

CXO Briefing

USDA ‘Did Not Establish Performance Goals’ For its Broadband Program, Watchdog Says

A report from the Government Accountability Office found that the Agriculture Department’s ReConnect program lacks set performance objectives and a detailed fraud mitigation framework.

Emerging Tech

NASA Awards $57M Contract to Build Roads on the Moon

The award will go toward developing technologies to build infrastructure like landing pads and roads on the surface of the moon.

Emerging Tech

Capitol Hill Presses Crypto Exchanges Post-FTX Bankruptcy

Lawmakers launch probes into financial details of cryptocurrency exchanges as federal regulators stay quiet on FTX investigations.

Emerging Tech

NOAA, Microsoft Will Advance National Climate Efforts Through Advanced Tech Partnership

Microsoft’s cloud computing and artificial intelligence tools will help NOAA further its climate and weather predictions and forecast modeling through research and development efforts.


More Republicans Died Than Democrats after COVID-19 Vaccines Came Out

The sharp divergence in excess death rates that emerged in the post-vaccine period "is pretty striking… and the magnitudes are quite large."

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AI In Warfare: A Race the U.S. Can't Afford to Lose

Read the full testimony from Primer's CEO, Sean Gourley, about the global AI arms race — and what the U.S. and our allies need to do next.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft, Defense Firms Partnering on Modeling and Simulation Capabilities

Microsoft is collaborating with defense sector companies as DOD seeks to increase its gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation capabilities.


TSA Considers Using Third-Party Assessors in Coming Pipeline Regulations

The agency is exercising its authority to regulate pipelines and railways after issuing a series of short-term emergency security directives.

IT Modernization

Treasury Selects Commercial Vendor for Financial Shared Services Market

CGI Federal will join three of the Treasury Department's shared services providers to offer financial management system software through a central marketplace for federal agencies.

IT Modernization

Health and Human Services’ Civil Rights Division Looks to Overhaul Its Essential IT System

The agency filed a request for information to replace its 20-year old Program Information Management System for a new, modernized system to better manage filed discrimination or violation complaints.


Zero Trust Doesn’t Come in a Box

Three no-nonsense tips to simplify the zero trust journey for federal agencies.

CXO Briefing

The Latest Improper Payment Numbers Are Here, But What Do They Mean?

The Office of Management and Budget published its annual governmentwide report on improper payments, but a fraud expert says they aren’t entirely reliable.


Critical Update: Safeguarding Data From Outside Intrusion

The VA is in the process of implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity model to better secure veterans’ sensitive personal data.


Census Launches New Program to Modernize Supply Chain Data Sources

Through StatVentures, the Census Bureau seeks to improve the quality and speed of data describing the U.S. supply chain.