IT Modernization

GAO Dismisses IBM’s JEDI Protest

With the U.S. Court of Federal Claims addressing a similar case, the Government Accountability Office dismissed IBM’s protest.

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District Defend™: Empowering a secure mobile workplace for government

The ability to work on the go has gained a crucial importance with regards to workforce morale and productivity, as well as employers’ ability to attract and retain talent in an increasingly hot job market.

IT Modernization

Congress Votes For Better Government Websites, Digital Services

The Senate passed the 21st Century IDEA Act, giving agencies one year to improve citizens’ digital experiences.

CIO Briefing

What Sundar Pichai Couldn’t Explain to Congress

Google’s CEO struggled to explain the reality of his company’s power to a House committee convinced of a liberal conspiracy.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Needs a Faster Buying Process to Adopt Artificial Intelligence

The Defense Department needs a startup mentality for the emerging tech, agency CIO Dana Deasy said.

CIO Briefing

NASA Continues Its Reign Atop Best Places to Work in Government

Partnership for Public Service notes “sharp drop” in several factors affecting federal employee satisfaction.


How DHS is Trying to Separate Quality Cyber Tools from Snake Oil

The department is investing in ways to do apples-to-apples comparisons of the many cyber solutions on the market.

CIO Briefing

Senate Bill Would Force Security Clearance Reforms

It also would require the director of National Intelligence to rethink the SF-86 form and process.

Emerging Tech

China’s Electric Cars Are Government Spies

There are currently 1.4 million electric cars providing data, including real-time location.

CIO Briefing

Agencies Increase FITARA Scores

Eleven agencies increased their grade and 13 remained the same.

Emerging Tech

The Grim Future of Urban Warfare

New technologies are making war even more horrific.


CBP Officers Aren’t Deleting Data After Warrantless Device Searches, IG Says

An inspector general report found Border Patrol officers didn’t follow standard procedures during device searches, mostly because those procedures weren’t clearly laid out.


OMB Redefines Government's 'Crown Jewels'

A new policy memo expands the government’s guidance for protecting high-value assets to include every agency and office and broadens the definition of “value.”