Emerging Tech

TikTok, Security and Government Devices

Tom Guarente of Armis joins the podcast to discuss what network administrators need to know about the potential threat that the social media app poses.


Proposed Bill Would Ban Excessively Loud Streaming Commercials

The legislation would update the CALM Act of 2010 that tackled loud television ads.

IT Modernization

MITRE Recommends Comprehensive Approach to Modernize Legacy Systems

The recommendations focus on executable actions for the Office of Management and Budget, agencies, Congress and industry .

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Why Intelligent Privilege Controls are Essential for Identity Security Access

Organizations are facing a constant onslaught of identity-related attacks. The solution for getting a handle on the chaos? Identity Security.

CXO Briefing

The Trends Reshaping Government Work This Year

William D. Eggers joins the podcast to discuss a new Deloitte report.

CXO Briefing

GSA Makes a Case for Login.gov on Capitol Hill After Scathing Report

General Services Administration officials addressed allegations that the agency misrepresented identity proofing standards of Login.gov at a hearing Wednesday, as lawmakers pondered the potential for fraudsters in the system.


Guiding Principles on Spyware Emphasize Human Rights, Accountability

The Summit for Democracy’s Guiding Principles aim to bring uniformity to how nations use surveillance technology.

CXO Briefing

GSA Issues Guidance to help Agencies Buy Secure 5G

The guidelines for federal agencies detail best practices throughout the 5G ecosystem.

Emerging Tech

NIST Debuts Trustworthy and Responsible AI Resource Center

The new resource builds upon NIST’s previously-issued framework and playbook, while offering a visual roadmap for the safe creation and risk management of AI systems.


'Doomsday Glacier' Widening Could Speed Up Ice Loss Soon

The massive Antarctic glacier's widening could pose worldwide problems.

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Turning Data into Mission Outcomes: 5 Takeaways from ElasticON

Learn the traded tips from government leaders and practitioners on how to improve visibility, accessibility and security across data landscapes.

CXO Briefing

Lawmakers, DOD Officials Note Benefits of AI to Department’s Information Networks

During a hearing on securing the Defense Department’s information networks, senators and officials described how artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities could strengthen the department’s cyber resilience.


White House Takes Spyware Efforts to the International Stage

The Summit for Democracy will launch and fortify several global partnerships aimed at offering some regulation for emerging tech usage.

Emerging Tech

NASA Leader Looks to Artemis II and Beyond for Agency’s Future

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson emphasized that such complex missions “are not going to launch until it’s right” for astronaut safety.

CXO Briefing

Space Force Is Building a Virtual Training Ground for Space Conflict

In an interview, chief of space operations notes China’s efforts to jam and intercept orbiting satellites.


White House Looks to Secure Space from Cyber Threats

The Office of the National Cyber Director, the National Space Council and leaders from the private sector laid out next steps to digitally secure the space ecosystem.

Emerging Tech

Biden Admin to Debut New Emerging Tech Policies at Summit for Democracy

The virtual conference will spotlight how to marry emerging technologies with democratic values, and the U.S. will spearhead new initiatives domestically and abroad.


Partnerships and Improved Data May Bolster U.S. Weather Predictions

Weather experts at a Congressional hearing for the reauthorization of the Weather Act noted that collaborating to collect more data and improve its assimilation will help improve weather predictions.


New Cyber Reports Will Show the Value of CISA Budget Investments, Director Says

Cyber incident reports will be shared with the agency under the soon-to-be implemented requirements of the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act.