Emerging Tech

Elon Musk Is Maybe, Actually, Strangely, Going to Do This Mars Thing

From his private Cape Canaveral, the billionaire is manifesting his own interplanetary reality—whatever it costs.

Emerging Tech

USPS Turns to AI at the Edge to Boost Package Processing

Results are already surfacing from the new Edge Computing Infrastructure Program.

CIO Briefing

White House Seeks Ideas on How Agencies Can Deliver Services More Equitably

The Biden administration wants to know its blindspots and biases in operating federal programs.

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Going Virtual: How Federal Agencies Are Embracing the Hybrid Workforce

As federal agencies look ahead to life after COVID-19, they are coming to terms with the fact that the office will look a lot different than it did before 2020.

Emerging Tech

TSA Wants New Ideas to Speed Up Checkpoints

The agency is looking for established technologies that could eliminate physical pat-downs and shoe removals.


Coalition Urges Congress to Boost Funding for Census Modernization

A group of Census experts and data users are asking appropriators to provide $2 billion in funding to the Census Bureau in fiscal 2022.


How Design Thinking Can Improve Public Sector IT

With its push to provide faster, more predictable and higher quality software, public sector IT organizations may have discounted the need for design.

Emerging Tech

Army to Equip First Unit With Augmented Reality Headsets By Fall

Top Army officials told Congress the first unit will be equipped with the Integrated Visual Augmentation System headsets by the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.


COVID-19 Lockdown Stressed All Ages, But in Different Ways

Overall, more than one-third of the children and adolescents screened positive for one of the mental health problems assessed in the study.


Biden Administration Likely Retaining Trump Doctrine on Cybersecurity in Space

Vice President Kamala Harris is prioritizing cybersecurity as chair of the National Space Council, an official said.

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Rapidly and Safely Scale Vaccine Distribution with Digital Processes

This two minute demo showcases how DocuSign is helping to power the distribution of the Covid19 vaccine.

CIO Briefing

Pentagon Watchdog to Examine How the U.S. Military Handles UFOs

The inspector general launched an evaluation into “actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” just before a similar report is due to Congress.


State Department Needs a Tool to Scan Its Worldwide Network for Vulnerabilities

The department is exploring a “lifecycle refresh” for its Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning Solution program.

CIO Briefing

Review Board Upholds Facebook’s Ban on Trump—For Now

The board left the decision on whether to ban Trump permanently up to the tech company.

IT Modernization

How the Army Software Factory Preps Soldiers for Future Battlefields

Program lead Maj. Vito Errico said the project is focused on helping the Army figure out how to organize product teams for the future force.


Why We Remember More by Reading – Especially Print – than from Audio or Video

Learning is generally more successful when it’s on paper than onscreen.

CIO Briefing

Biden Promised the Most Diverse Administration Ever. Here’s How He’s Doing.

Seven figures that show the representation — and the gaps — in President Joe Biden's Cabinet and federal appointments.


Cyberspace Solarium Commissioners Concerned Over Security of Nation’s Water Supply

Having succeeded in passing a number of their recommendations through the last National Defense Authorization Act, the commissioners plan to embrace an oversight role as they push for more new laws.

CIO Briefing

Experts Examine Accountability, Transparency Improvements in Government

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing discussed recent proposals to strengthen the authority of inspectors general and place some limits on acting officials.