Pentagon pauses development of its go-to data analytics tool

New data chief orders infrastructure improvements to Advana platform, which tracks Ukraine aid and many other things.

Artificial Intelligence

Senators look to mitigate risks in AI procurement

Sens. Gary Peters and Thom Tilis introduced new legislation that would codify safety measures in government contracts for artificial intelligence products and services.


CACI wins $2B NASA IT centralization job

The space agency is looking to standardize and consolidate how it manages IT systems and applications.

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Bridging the final frontier: Ensuring connectivity, progress and peace in the space age

As government operations move further into deep space, agencies need the right capabilities for awareness, connectivity and safety.

Digital Government

NIST, Beeck Center, CDT to collaborate on digital identity and public benefits

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will be working with the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation’s Digital Benefits Network as well as the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to fight AI-generated election threats, report recommends

Hyperlocal voter suppression, language-based influence operations and deepfakes were listed as the most likely AI-generated threats to upcoming elections.

Digital Government

Bipartisan House bill offers NIST help

The Expanding Partnerships for Innovation and Competitiveness Act would create a separate organization dedicated to helping NIST with its mission objectives.


VA still needs to shore up usability of new EHR system, GAO says

More than one-third of the government watchdog's priority open recommendations for the Department of Veterans Affairs have to do with improving oversight and management of the new electronic health record system. 


NASA’s asteroid sample mission gave scientists around the world the rare opportunity to study an artificial meteor

While very small meteoroids are common, larger ones – bigger than a dishwasher – are not.

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No-Code Automation Software is the Future for Federal Agencies

Discover how Onspring’s no-code platform gives your agency more control over its GRC processes.


Congress needs to rethink its approach to tech policy

COMMENTARY | The spider's web of congressional committee jurisdiction creates problems when it comes to technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.


OPM’s retirement backlog hit an 8-year low last month

Efforts to streamline the processing of departing federal workers’ retirement applications continue to pay dividends, as the inventory of pending claims hit the lowest point since 2016.


Lawmakers look to restore TSA funding to speed screening tech deployment

The measure is one of three bipartisan proposals rolled out this week that seek to bolster funding for TSA’s deployment of new technologies and to limit invasive pat-downs of travelers.

Digital Government

DOJ launches CX-focused initiative

The first project in the new push is focusing on improving the portals Americans use to report crimes to the Department of Justice.


Prodded by fed up parents, some in Congress try to curb kids’ use of social media

Lawmakers are seeking to set a minimum age to access social media and put more of the onus on social media companies and their algorithms, while also giving parents more controls in trying to protect their kids online.


US is 'behind’ on stopping election disinfo threats, House candidate Madison Horn says

The contender for Oklahoma’s fifth district wants to bring her cybersecurity expertise to Congress, arguing it’ll help her collaborate with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Emerging Tech

Quantum sensors show how physics-based tech is yielding federal advances

True quantum computers are a long way off. But their lesser known cousins — quantum sensors — are already paying dividends in the federal scientific communities.

Emerging Tech

Biden administration announces new investments in fusion energy

Officials unveiled new steps in the government’s fusion energy growth plan, which emphasizes public-private partnerships and the development of a fusion pilot power plant in the 2040s.

Digital Government

Most Americans unaware of foreign intel operations’ scope on social media, State Dept. official says

U.S. Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy Nate Fick’s assessment comes five months before a high-stakes U.S. presidential election.


FCC greenlights $200M pilot for school and library cybersecurity

The commission also approved an item to help bolster the security of a core data routing algorithm.