Emerging Tech

A Silicon Valley Startup is Giving Lithium-Ion Batteries a Much-Needed Silicon Boost

The tech needs to undergo a step change, and there are many startups currently trying to make it happen.


Verizon Names Indianapolis Its Final 5G Pilot City

Mayor Joe Hogsett welcomed the increased connectivity for residents, but just where it will occur hasn’t been made public.

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Serve the People: A Candid Poll on Federal Government's Digital Services

In the face of rapidly evolving citizen needs, it’s essential that federal agencies establish a streamlined, thoroughly modern online presence.

Emerging Tech

CBP Rolls Out Facial Recognition at Silicon Valley Airport

International travel at the Mineta San José International Airport has doubled in recent years.


Kaspersky Appeal Hurtles Toward Courtroom Arguments

Lawyers for the government and the Russian anti-virus company have filed their last briefs before arguing before a judicial panel in September.

Emerging Tech

NASA Is Running a 3D Printing Competition to Design Homes on Mars

The idea is to send a robot to Mars to autonomously print a habitat for the arrival of astronauts.


Tomorrow’s Intelligent Malware Will Attack When It Sees Your Face

IBM researchers have injected viruses with neural nets, making them stealthier and precisely targetable.

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How to Persuade Your Company’s Product Team to Build Something

Communicating with engineers, designers and data scientists doesn't have to be difficult.

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DARPA Wants to Make Underground Maps on the Fly

The agency is challenging teams to build systems that chart caves, tunnels and underground urban infrastructure.

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USDA Wants One Hub to Connect Agency Leaders to Every Employee

The agency wants to pull disparate intranets together and allow two-way communications with employees.

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Omarosa’s Recordings Show the Problem with Honor-System Security

The White House relies on employees to turn over any devices prior to entering a secured room but has few fail-safes if they don’t.

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How to Ace Your Chatbot Interview

Your next interview will begin with the ping of an incoming text message.


An 11-Year-Old Hacked a Mock Florida Election Site in 10 Minutes

The hacking event was part of a hands-on workshop within the larger cybersecurity conference.


Russian Military Spy Software is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

In May, the Justice Department told Americans to reboot their routers. But there's more to do — and NSA says it's up to device makers and the public.

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Industry Groups Push for Background Check Reform In Intelligence Appropriations Bill

With a backlog of more than 700,000 pending investigations, the groups are pushing for tools to speed up information collection and ways to reduce redundant investigations.