CIO Briefing

If Feds Go Home For a Shutdown, Do Their Phones Go With Them?

A handful of potentially impacted agencies have updated their guidance since the last shutdown.

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CIA CIO Sees Data as the 'Tip of the Spear' in Intelligence

The intelligence agency must optimize its tech and workforce to speed up data collection and analysis, according to John Edwards.

Emerging Tech

With AI, Your Next Job Could Be 'Flying Car Developer' Or 'Cyber Calamity Forecaster'

Can man and machine can co-exist at work?

Emerging Tech

Homeland Security Delegation Visits Asia for Emerging Tech Ideas

An agency group is going abroad for ideas about 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity.

IT Modernization

Report: Tech Shops Don't See Themselves Driving Change

Nearly 60 percent of civilian tech specialists cited insufficient funding as a major barrier to IT modernization.

CIO Briefing

Congress Races to the Finish Line Amid Shutdown Threat

The Senate passed lots of tech-centric bills and set the stage for next year’s privacy debate.

Emerging Tech

Spacesuits for Spiders

And what they tell us about the difficulty of keeping people alive in space.

IT Modernization

Updated Trusted Internet Connection Draft Lays Framework For Flexible Policy

The draft policy puts it on the Homeland Security Department to develop use case examples for how agencies can ensure safe connections wherever and however feds are working.


Poor Security Could Leave U.S. Defenseless Against Missile Attacks

The details of the nation’s ballistic missile defense system are vulnerable to inside and outside threats, the Defense Department inspector general found.

CIO Briefing Needs Better Search and Better Data, Watchdog Says

The transparency site does not provide as much government spending data as it should, GAO said.