Mark Zuckerberg Keeps Forgetting About Humans

His consistent use of computer programming jargon reveals a lot about his leadership approach.

CIO Briefing

How to Read More Effectively

Picking the right strategy and the right book is important.

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The Most Important Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is poised to do something very special this year.

Emerging Tech

DARPA’s New Cars Are Mechanical Mountain Goats

These vehicles can handle rough or extremely uneven terrain.


Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter Unite to Make More Portable Data

The tech companies are joining forces to allow users to download and transfer data more easily.


Why Facebook Wants to Give You the Benefit of the Doubt

Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks about Holocaust denial once again showed Facebook’s optimism about human nature.

Emerging Tech

These Could Be the Medical Droids NIH is Looking For

The National Institutes of Health want to know if companies can supply autonomous delivery bots to safely and securely deliver medications.


Chinese Hackers Targeted Internet-of-Things During Trump-Putin Summit

A spike in attacks sought access to devices that might yield audio or visual intelligence.


White House Appoints Federal Chief Information Security Officer

Grant Schneider will be the second person to fill the position.

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Acquisition Professionals Place Little Importance on Innovation, Survey Finds

Respondents found some recurring challenges were offset by an improvement in acquisition talent.


Software Companies Push Senate to Weaken Lowest Price Contracting Rule

Making agencies prioritize the lowest price is leading to poor contracting choices, a software trade group says.

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States to Feds: Enough With the Red Tape Already

Although companies and public sector organizations bemoan the time spent complying with federal rules, there are opportunities to improve the process, officials said.


Forward-Thinking Strategies Can Secure the Power Grid

Owners and operators of our power systems need better ways of knowing what assets they have in their production environments, which have computing capability, and which connect to the internet.