Emerging Tech

A Graveyard of Giant Spacecraft Spins Through Space

After observatories retire, they can still spend hundreds, even millions, of years trailing the Earth.


Union Leader Says Utilities Not Incentivized to Report Cyber Incidents or Implement Protections

FERC’s recently “expanded” reporting requirements leave it up to entities to decide on qualifying events.


Bill Would Reform NSA Surveillance Program

Bipartisan legislation could curtail long-running National Security Agency data collection efforts.

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The Ultimate Guide to Government CX

"A partner who is as customer-centric as your organization is the true North Star to modernization success.”


Don't Just Fake It: 'Deep Acting' Emotions Pays Off at Work

People who try to be positive with their coworkers receive significantly higher levels of support from them.

IT Modernization

DHS Office that Tracks Weapons of Mass Destruction Seeks Multilayer Cloud Environment

The relatively new Homeland Security office is looking for “a full range” of cloud architecture and engineering services.

Emerging Tech

The Army’s Investigative Unit Wants Social Media Exploitation Services

The Criminal Investigation Command is looking to tap into social media sites for digital evidence.


NSA Offers Advice on Securing Clouds 

A CISA release noting the guidance directs administrators to an analysis of Microsoft Office 365.

IT Modernization

Federal Contract Award Data from FPDS Will Be on SAM Before Spring

With the FedBizOpps transition done, the Federal Procurement Data System reporting tool—one of the main functions of the website—will be the next to migrate to GSA’s central contracting site.

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Top Takeaways: Secure Collaboration for Defense

Currently, defense agencies are about four to five years behind the curve when it comes to IT collaboration. At the core, DOD needs to step back and create a holistic view of how the cloud can help with mission enablement without risking the safety and security of the warfighter.

Emerging Tech

Senator Demands Answers on Facial Recognition Tool that Could Pose ‘Chilling’ Privacy Risks

Sen. Ed Markey said he’s particularly troubled about law enforcement officials’ access to the app.


Will 2020 Be the Year of Data?

Agencies across the federal government are beginning to recognize the importance of data and data-driven decision-making.


Another Poor Cybersecurity Audit at State Department Draws Scrutiny

Auditors have been reporting weaknesses in IT security controls for over a decade. 

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CIO Briefing

Robocalls Reached New Highs in 2019. Can We Expect Fewer in 2020?

Each person in Washington D.C. received an estimated 600 calls, or 1.6 per day.

IT Modernization

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Map Correlation Between Maternal Mortality and the Digital Divide

The bipartisan, bicameral legislation would add a maternal mortality overlay to connectivity maps produced by the FCC.

IT Modernization

JEDI’s Legal Challengers Make Their Next Moves

Amazon Web Services asks a federal judge to stop work on the cloud contract and Oracle knocks back assertions that the procurement was fair because Microsoft won. 


White House Seeks to Revise Federal Grants Process to Reflect New Priorities

The changes would reduce the reporting burden on grant recipients, among other things.


How Iran's Military Outsources Its Cyber Threat Forces

These intermediaries are loyal to the regime but separate from it.