Deal for Splunk brings new capabilities and competitors to Cisco

COMMENTARY | There is little to no overlap between the two but Cisco picks up more software based solutions that should strengthen its core.


What does it take to end a government shutdown?

The end of past budget impasses have often played out as calculations of policy goals versus the political pain needed to achieve them, but when the goal is unclear how do you know who wins? 


CISA task force aims to improve supply chain security with new hardware standards

The Hardware Bill of Materials Framework looks to standardize how vendors and customers communicate about the capabilities and use of hardware systems.

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How Salesforce is Helping Governments Modernize Contact Centers, Improve Citizen Experience

Government organizations must modernize their contact centers to provide accessible and equitable services to citizens.

Digital Government

Data silos threaten innovation in key sectors, new report warns

Overly restrictive privacy laws are hindering information sharing initiatives across key sectors, the Center for Data Innovation warns.

Artificial Intelligence

Can AI boost health care delivery?

Rep. Ted Lieu thinks so, with the right oversight by humans — and government.


DHS looks to harmonize cyber reporting for critical industry

In a new congressionally mandated report, DHS acknowledges the problems faced by critical industry sectors of overlap and duplication in cyber incident reporting.


The government management paradox

COMMENTARY | Change is hard, but agencies can significantly improve their operational performance to deliver on highly complex programs.

Artificial Intelligence

New bill would give the government oversight of critical AI use cases

The Democratic-backed AI Accountability Act of 2023 gives the Federal Trade Commission new authority and a new office to regulate how AI algorithms make critical decisions on housing, healthcare.


See who would get furloughed in a shutdown this year

The Biden administration is planning to take a novel shutdown approach at some agencies.

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Managing Multi-Cloud

Industry experts discuss the obstacles to navigating a multi-cloud environment and how the public sector can improve multi-cloud management to better meet mission goals.


House cloud bill gets Senate counterpart

The Multi-Cloud Innovation and Advancement Act was introduced in the House of Representatives in August.


Last CIO-SP4 protest resolved

Re-evaluations are now underway ahead of another attempt at awards for this potential $50 billion government-wide IT vehicle.


Ransomware group's evolving tactics pose growing threat

A joint advisory from the FBI and the nation’s cyber defense agency warns that a persistent threat actor is advancing its tactics and targeting critical infrastructure sectors.


Never mind the degrees – here's skills-based hiring

The Office of Personnel Management is working on a skills-based classification and qualifications policy, set to be released by the end of this fiscal year.

Artificial Intelligence

GOP presidential hopeful Hurd campaigns on AI policy

Former congressman Will Hurd is offering a novel AI policy as part of his larger campaign platform.


Bill allowing past cannabis users to become feds advances in House

The bipartisan legislation was amended this week to remove provisions allowing current marijuana users to be eligible for federal employment or a security clearance.


Spending time in space can harm the human body

COMMENTARY | But scientists are working to mitigate these risks before sending people to Mars


Former officials sound off on the challenges of managing through a shutdown

“The big thing that lots of lawyers weighing in on what activities are actually exempt," one former official said.


House panel advances MGT update

A bipartisan bill to reauthorize and update the legislation that established the Technology Modernization Fund sailed through committee on Wednesday.