Cyber Threats Warrant a Government Reorganization, Former CISA Head Says

Inaugural CISA director Chris Krebs said the federal government should do more to respond to cybersecurity and data concerns.

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Energy Asks for New R&D in Critical Materials for Clean Energy

The Department of Energy launched its new request for information days after the passage of the CHIPS Act.


'Hack DHS' Bug Bounty Program to Begin Second Phase with New Contract Request

The contract is geared toward companies that can conduct crowdsourced events and competitions for vetted security researchers, to help bolster DHS’ cyber resilience.

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5G’s Role in Next-level Infrastructure

5G is set to be a crucial part of the infrastructure that powers a range of technologies that rely on next-generation connectivity.

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DHS Research Arm Seeks Science, Tech Capabilities to Protect U.S. Agriculture

The agency issued a request for information to support its Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Defense program.


New Photos Suggest How Trump, Flush with Power, May Have Sent Official Documents down the Toilet

Photos showing what appear to be torn-up documents in two different toilets may provide more evidence of the former president’s habit of destroying his presidential documents.

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Mobile Threats Prompt Operational Changes for Government Staff

More than 80% of public sector respondents to a recent survey said they have been forced to re-evaluate workplace practices as attacks on mobile devices grow.

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The Pentagon’s Plan to Speed Up Software Buying for Weapons Systems

The DOD’s dedicated software acquisition pathway is nearly two years old, and is already being used by a few dozen programs.


FCC, FEMA Raise Alarm Bells About Vulnerabilities in Emergency Alert System

Both agencies warned that software and equipment vulnerabilities could allow hackers to transmit fake emergency messages or disrupt real ones. 


FEC to Vote on Google’s Plan to Keep Campaign Emails Out of Spam

Google’s proposal to allow emails from authorized candidates and committees to be exempt from the company’s spam filters has received pushback from Democrats, Republicans and the general public.

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Compliance at the Speed of Digital Transformation

Compliance has become the equal and opposite force to digital transformation.


Top Malware of 2021 Has Been in Use for Years, CISA Warns

The advisory highlights that such usage offers “opportunities to better prepare” and provides recommendations to mitigate cybersecurity threats.


Critical Update: Where the Final Frontier Meets Your Front Door

NASA invents a lot of cool and cutting edge technology to make space exploration possible—tech that often ends up pretty close to home as well.

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Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Mixer

The online digital money platform has proven to act as a haven for cyber criminals looking to launder illegal cryptocurrencies.

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Senate Appropriators Seek Alternatives to TMF

The House package includes a $100 million infusion for the Technology Modernization Fund, but the Senate appropriators have longstanding doubts about the no-year revolving fund.

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VHA Launches New Playbook Outlining Digital Health Care Needs For Patients

The agency’s health care office is looking for better data sharing interfaces to improve patient care.

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National Science Foundation Facilitates US-India Tech Research Collaboration

The National Science Foundation added $2.8 million in supplemental awards to support these projects.

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Bipartisan Bill Aims to Use Grants to Increase Drone Usage For Infrastructure Assessment

The legislation would authorize grants to use American drones for infrastructure assessment and maintenance as well as for workforce training and education.

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White House-cited Standard Would Bolster National Electronics Security

Protecting the supply chain is about more than ensuring semiconductor inventories, some argue.