White House Orders Agencies to Defend the Skies From Cyberattacks

In its National Strategy for Aviation Security, the Trump administration called on the government to be more proactive in spotting threats to U.S. airspace.


Trump Officially Directs Pentagon to Create Space Force, Within Air Force

If Congress approves, Space Force would exist like the Marine Corps within the Navy Department.

IT Modernization

GSA Highlights E-Commerce Portal Feedback

One of the General Services Administration’s top acquisition officials provided an update on more than 200 pages of feedback received from industry on e-commerce portal plans.

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Automated Government: Federal Agencies are Ditching Busy Work to Focus on Missions

Digital processes are increasingly taking over mundane tasks in business and in personal lives, improving efficiency and freeing people to dedicate their time to more substantive work. Federal agencies have noticed this trend and are eager to reap the benefits automation has to offer.


Federal Officials Want Public Input on Election Tech Requirements

The most recent Voluntary Voting System Guidelines include a call for paper ballots.

CIO Briefing

OPM Wants Agencies to Show Their Work on Management Agenda Tech and Data Goals

Annual human capital reviews are coming and agencies have to show progress meeting the administration’s workforce, tech and data priorities.


You Have 19 Minutes to React If the Russians Hack Your Network

After Moscow's hackers breach one PC, that network's defenders have less than a half-hour to prevent wider data theft or destruction, a new report finds.

Emerging Tech

Survey: Feds Don’t Think Agencies Are Preparing Them to Use AI

Only a quarter of government employees think agencies have done a good job explaining how the tech will affect their jobs, researchers found.


FDIC’s Top 3 Challenges Are All Tech Related

Among the financial regulator’s biggest challenges, IT modernization and cybersecurity topped the list.

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The Army Wants Virtual Health Tech That Works Under Any Conditions

The future of war will be more isolated, meaning Army medics need the ability to be present virtually when they can’t get there physically.


Government’s Growing Problem: Paying Its Technical Debt

Could automation help chip away at the technical debt agencies have accrued?

CIO Briefing

Congress is Rethinking How to Use the Government’s Cyber Talent

By recruiting specialized teams and rotating assignments, the government could get more out of its cyber workforce, according to lawmakers.

Emerging Tech

Managing the Risks Inherent to Smart Cities

A new guide for non-technologists aims to help local officials avoid technology and policy pitfalls.


New York’s Ejection of Amazon Is the Start of a Movement

NYC lawmakers who led a resistance campaign against HQ2 are declaring victory. And already, they have plans to escalate their opposition to tax incentives.

Emerging Tech

The Pentagon Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.

IT Modernization

Here’s What Technology Modernization Fund Dollars Are Doing Now

Three projects have awarded contracts so far and two have already spent a combined $6 million to date.