Preventing Remote Workers from Being Sitting Ducks

Unlike workers in other industries, most federal workers have largely conducted business within the four walls of their agency.


How One Federal Agency Took Care of Its Workers During the Yellow Fever Pandemic in the 1790s

The pandemic forced Americans to tackle some of the questions that have surfaced in the past week.

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Stellar AI: An Astrophysicist's Guide to Getting Started

Of the 7.5 billion people on Earth, fewer than 600 have ever blasted through the atmosphere to make it into outer space and only a dozen set foot on the moon. Yet, through the study of astrophysics, we can calculate with certainty which elements make up the planets and the stars.


Face Masks Are In

The West has long stigmatized mask-wearing, unlike many Asian countries, where those who don’t wear masks during public-health crises are the ones who are stigmatized.


Yes, Make Coronavirus Jokes

Humor helps us take back control and connect—two things we have lost in our fight against the pandemic.


Where’s the Money? Keep an Eye on the CARES Act

With the passage of the $2.3 trillion economic relief bill, things are happening at breakneck speed.

Emerging Tech

Summer Space Program Considers Shift to Virtual Version Due to Coronavirus

The SETI Institute is rethinking how to host its competitive summer program for accelerating space research.

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Beyond the Red Tape: Conversations with Federal IT Buyers on IT As-A-Service

To understand how the federal government is rethinking its approach to acquiring IT, GBC interviewed senior technology personnel and acquisition officials about their buying journey and early forays into as-a-service procurement.

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Agencies Have Spent At Least $2.6B on COVID-19 Supplies and Services

That number only reflects properly tagged procurements—real dollars spent in response to the coronavirus outbreak are significantly higher.

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Lawmaker to White House: What About National Security Contractors?

The Trump administration needs to clarify relief guidance for defense and intelligence community contractors regarding pay and sick leave, according to Sen. Mark Warner.

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Thousands of Federal Employees Have Contracted COVID-19

Many more are quarantined due to possible exposure as employees are on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus and providing essential services.

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If Space Startups Fail, the Pentagon’s Going to Need Some New Plans

The coronavirus is threatening young space companies — and the military’s plans to rely on them.


Defense Contractor Cybersecurity Certifiers Launching ‘National Conversation’ Webinars 

The accreditation body shared timelines for working groups that will shape key features of its program.

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Justice, HHS Redistribute More than 500,000 Pieces of Protective Gear Seized from Hoarder

Emergency medical supplies peddled by price gougers were redistributed to front line medical personnel in New York and New Jersey.

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House Lawmakers Accuse GSA of Breaching Ban on Implementing OPM Merger

Oversight panel leaders say newly uncovered emails confirm that the General Services Administration’s pending revocation of the Office of Personnel Management’s building operation authority is part of the plan to abolish the HR agency.

IT Modernization

COVID Response Delays Awards for GSA’s E-Commerce Platform Pilots

The online purchasing platforms were meant to be awarded and rolled out before the end of the year. But getting agencies equipped with teleworking tech has taken priority.