Civil liberties groups urge Congress to keep 702 measures out of upcoming funding votes

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is set to expire on April 19 unless reauthorized by Congress.

Artificial Intelligence

IBM calls for stricter regulatory posture on deepfakes

The multinational tech company supported legislation that outlaws synthetic AI-generated content

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to fight fraud is paying off, Treasury says

The tech has helped recover over $375 million since Treasury began using it over a year ago.

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No-Code Automation Software is the Future for Federal Agencies

Take control of risk management processes with the most advanced, easy-to-use GRC software.


Nearly 300 comment on proposed CMMC rule

The Defense Department now has to process and respond to the comments before it issues the final version of the industry-wide rule in the fall.


Russian space nuke wouldn’t alter US orbital-network plans, Space Force says

The nascent Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture is built on the idea that lots of satellites offer plenty of redundancy.


Biden executive order aims to stop adversaries from obtaining, exploiting Americans’ personal data

Data brokers under the order are barred from selling bulk caches of sensitive Americans’ data to multiple foreign countries, including China and Russia.


US tech is still powering Russian weapons, experts warn

American components that have been found in the sanctioned country’s weaponry are “fueling and supporting the growing and gargantuan Russian war machine,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.

Emerging Tech

US signs on to international principles for 6G

In conjunction with nine other countries, the U.S. released six new principles intended to guide a global 6G wireless connectivity adoption.

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Building a Secure Foundation for American Leadership in AI

Help chart a clear path forward for building a secure foundation for your agency or institution.

Artificial Intelligence

OPM gives agencies an AI hiring playbook

The latest workforce guidance from the Office of Personnel Management covers the existing pay, leave and workforce flexibilities agencies can use to attract and keep AI talent.


Energy to fund 16 infrastructure cybersecurity projects 

The White House’s cybersecurity strategy implementation plan asks the agency to identify pilot projects for energy infrastructure security.


NIST debuts the finalized update to its Cybersecurity Framework

The streamlined blueprint has already gotten positive feedback from private sector organizations.


Chip manufacturers operational by 2030 will get priority in Commerce funding, secretary says

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that the agency intends to “maximize our impact in this decade.”

Artificial Intelligence

Examining some places where AI has already been deployed within the military

There are a few areas where these efforts, even if they are far from the frontlines, are starting to prove their value.


Trusted data is the heart of trustworthy AI

COMMENTARY | AI systems are only as good as the data they are trained on -- that’s why a proper data management strategy is the key to success.


White House urges software developers to use memory-safe programming languages

A number of headline-making cyberattacks started with memory safety flaws, a White House cyber official said.


DOJ names its first chief AI officer

The new role is intended to focus on building a tech-ready workforce and interagency cooperation.


Top Pentagon IT official departs deputy CIO role

Lily Zeleke will be taking over “new responsibilities” at the agency, though it’s still unknown what her new position is.