Artificial Intelligence

Five Eyes agencies issue guidance on securing AI

The new best practices aim to help organizations deploying AI to secure their digital environments, with a particular focus on protecting AI model weights and extensive system vigilance.

USPTO says existing rules apply to AI-crafted submissions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reaffirmed its existing regulations will apply to AI-assisted applications and filings.

State Dept. seeks employee volunteers to test AI chatbot

The State Department is piloting an internal chatbot backed by artificial intelligence technology, and will leverage internal sensitive but unclassified data.

5 agencies join Justice in pledge to protect civil rights against AI-fueled discrimination

The agencies pledged to use their existing enforcement authorities to tackle cases where artificial intelligence may impact Americans’ civil rights.

Former DHS AI official comments on new extinction-level event study

The study from Gladstone AI warns that the day when such technologies are capable of ending all human life is closer than people think.

US, EU update shared AI taxonomy, unveil new research alliance

At the conclusion of the sixth meeting of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council, leaders focused on creating uniformity in AI terminology and continuing transatlantic collaboration.

US-UK safety pact could shape the future of AI

Two research institutes will collaborate on AI safety tests, among other things.

AI is creating ‘more sophisticated’ but not unprecedented election threats, DHS official says

AI is likely to create more convincing phishing campaigns but is “not necessarily introducing a new threat or risk in and of itself,” the official said.

Swedish, US officials see promise of AI but also the need for global agreements

The U.S. and other nations need to have “an open and enlightened global conversation” around regulating AI technologies to maximize their potential and mitigate their risks, according to Sweden’s director general for trade.

NTIA's latest policy recommendations look to improve AI accountability

The new AI Accountability Policy Report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration calls for independent audits and transparency in training data for artificial intelligence systems.

The CIA is taking a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to GenAI

The approach may help the intelligence agency sprint ahead of adversaries in AI capabilities.

New White House policy mandates safeguards for federal AI use

The White House also announced new hiring goals for AI talent, a request for information on the procurement of AI and more.

Lawmakers seek details on Biden administration’s AI workforce efforts

The New Democrat Coalition urged OSTP’s Arati Prabhakar to prioritize the development of a “robust federal workforce.”

NIST’s new AI safety institute to focus on synthetic content, international outreach

Inaugural U.S. AI Safety Institute Director Elizabeth Kelly said she aims for the new NIST initiative to become the “leading safety institute in the world.”

Pentagon’s outgoing AI chief warns Congress on safety, accuracy risks of the emerging tech

Craig Martell, the DOD’s chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, warned that ensuring the accuracy and value of large language models will be the “biggest charge” for his successor.

UN approves resolution on AI safety and advancement

In an effort spearheaded by the U.S., a coalition of 193 countries — including China — have agreed to pursue the promising potential of artificial intelligence systems while mitigating their risks.

Lawmakers eye 2025 defense bill for AI proposals

A leader of the Senate’s bipartisan AI working group said that next year's must-pass defense policy bill could include some substantive AI proposals, but the Senate is “not ready” for a comprehensive AI bill at this time.