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William D. Eggers

William D. Eggers

Government Workforce Management—Overdue for an Overhaul

Agencies are handicapped by outdated management rules—it isn’t a worker problem, it’s a system problem.


What the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Government Could Look Like

Cognitive technologies could free up hundreds of hours of government employees’ time.


Would a Uniform Digital ID Work in the US?

Some countries have invested in uniform digital identity with success. Their experiences can provide a roadmap for governments navigating the earlier stages of the journey.


Why Didn't E-Gov Live Up to Its Promise?

Technology was supposed to transform government 15 years ago; an “era of electronic government” was poised to make government faster, smaller, digitized and increasingly transparent.


The 5 Key Traits of a Successful Digital Government Strategy

No government organization will succeed in today’s fast-changing environment without a cohesive digital strategy.

Emerging Tech

Redesigning Government Work for the Internet of Things

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices represents a new way of working.

Emerging Tech

Analysis: NASA’s New Role as Partner

Space exploration is evolving from a government-led venture to a rich collaboration with the private sector.

IT Modernization

Commentary: Mobile Tech Could Sharply Boost Feds’ Productivity

Industry has become 50 percent more productive over the last two and a half decades while government has become less productive.