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William D. Eggers

William D. Eggers
Bill Eggers is the executive director, Deloitte Center for Government Insights and has been an author, columnist, consultant, and popular speaker for more than two decades. He is a leading authority on government reform and is responsible for research and thought leadership for Deloitte’s public sector industry practice. His new book, Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies that are Transforming Government, will be published in June 2016. His eight other books include The Solution Revolution: How Government, Business, and Social Enterprises are Teaming up to Solve Society’s Biggest Problems (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013, which was named to 10 “best books of the year” lists. Bill’s commentary has appeared in dozens of major media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Six Strategies for Transforming Citizen Service Delivery

President Biden wants to make it easier and more efficient to access critical government services. Here’s some ways to make that happen.


Government Workforce Management—Overdue for an Overhaul

Agencies are handicapped by outdated management rules—it isn’t a worker problem, it’s a system problem.


What the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Government Could Look Like

Cognitive technologies could free up hundreds of hours of government employees’ time.


Would a Uniform Digital ID Work in the US?

Some countries have invested in uniform digital identity with success. Their experiences can provide a roadmap for governments navigating the earlier stages of the journey.


Why Didn't E-Gov Live Up to Its Promise?

Technology was supposed to transform government 15 years ago; an “era of electronic government” was poised to make government faster, smaller, digitized and increasingly transparent.


The 5 Key Traits of a Successful Digital Government Strategy

No government organization will succeed in today’s fast-changing environment without a cohesive digital strategy.

Emerging Tech

Redesigning Government Work for the Internet of Things

The proliferation of Internet-connected devices represents a new way of working.

Emerging Tech

Analysis: NASA’s New Role as Partner

Space exploration is evolving from a government-led venture to a rich collaboration with the private sector.

IT Modernization

Commentary: Mobile Tech Could Sharply Boost Feds’ Productivity

Industry has become 50 percent more productive over the last two and a half decades while government has become less productive.