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Rebecca J. Rosen

CIO Briefing

Is the Problem With Tech Companies That They're Companies?

A Stanford professor argues that a profit imperative is in tension with the needs of a democratic society.

CIO Briefing

The Only Woman in the Computer Science Department

Irene Greif talks about being the first woman to get a Ph.D. in her field at MIT.

CIO Briefing

Just a Bunch of Autonomous Convoys Driving Around an Army Base

A glimpse at the military's future: Fewer soldiers, more autonomous vehicles.

Emerging Tech

Why NASA Made a Movie You Can't Watch at Home

Water Falls is a beautiful combination of science and art. But to see it, you'll need some pretty special equipment.

Emerging Tech

3D Printing and Legos: Perfect Together

New software allows designers to "legofy" their prototypes, eliminating hours of time spent waiting for 3D printers to churn out their widgets.

CIO Briefing

Hunting Licenses to Shoot at Drones: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Voters in Deer Trail, Colo., will decide on the initiative in April.

CIO Briefing

When Does Technology Change Enough That the Law Should Too?

An NSA ruling defers to a 1979 decision, Smith v. Maryland. Should that case still matter?

IT Modernization

Study: Consumers Will Pay $5 for an App That Respects Their Privacy

A new report finds that people are weary of the hidden costs of free.

CIO Briefing

Researchers: It Is Trivially Easy to Match Metadata to Real People

Telephony metadata NSA collects does not include customer names, but it's easy to figure them out.

Emerging Tech

How Astronauts Nearly Missed Taking the Iconic Earthrise Photo on Christmas Eve, 1968

New NASA video weaves together the audio recordings from inside the orbiter with illustrations and imagery.

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CIO Briefing

VA Helps Develop an Artificial Hand That Can Feel

Researchers at the Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University are building a prosthetic hand that provides something like a sense of touch.


How to Get NSA's Attention (It's Art)

Gmail extension tacks text onto emails, algorithmically generated to be flagged by NSA filters.

Emerging Tech

Scientist Recalls Winning 1971 Voyager 1-Related Contract by Telegram

The NASA craft is now the first human-made thing in interstellar space.

Emerging Tech

Video: What Is Reddit?

Explaining the weird hubbub of one of the Web's biggest and busiest sites.


Your Heartbeat: The Ultimate in Password Protection?

The makers of a new device hope to replace Fluffy123 with the unique rhythm of your heart.


A Database of 3D Fossils, Ready for You to Explore and Print

What's better than looking a picture of an ancient trilobite? Printing an ancient trilobite.

Emerging Tech

3D Printing Goes Mainstream Retail

Just another day at UPS: Photocopy the ol' resume, ship back shoes to Zappos, print a car part.

IT Modernization

Making Prison Phone Calls Cheaper: Why It Matters

A conversation with Mignon Clyburn, acting chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission