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Patience Wait
Patience Wait is a freelance contributor to Nextgov and a member of the Tech Writers Bureau where she concentrates on writing about the public sector's high-tech issues and programs. She has won awards for her government and technology reporting over her long career, including a Jesse H. Neal Award for best news coverage in 2004.
Emerging Tech

New Computer Vision Model Tackles Improved Wildfire Prevention

The model uses satellite imagery to identify areas at risk of wildfires before they actually happen.


OMB Memo Places Zero Trust at the Top of Civilian Agency Priorities

The memorandum sets up budget expectations for previously established cyber goals.

Emerging Tech

White House-cited Standard Would Bolster National Electronics Security

Protecting the supply chain is about more than ensuring semiconductor inventories, some argue.


Security Alerts: Not All Vulnerabilities Are Created Equal

For industries without a heavy IT expertise, responding to the myriad vulnerability advisories released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is a daunting task.


Russian Disinformation: All Bot But No Bite?

Bots targeting the U.S. slowed their anti-vax campaigns while accelerating pro-Russia messaging, which doesn’t stick as well in the West.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI, ML Will Help the Government Tackle Climate Change, Experts Say

Artificial intelligence can help scientists better forecast the impacts of climate change across numerous arenas.

Digital Government

Information Warfare is Moving Beyond Nation States

Mis- and disinformation ecosystems extend beyond the usual bad state actors.

Emerging Tech

Next National Defense Strategy Should Address Hybrid Warfare, Experts Say

Embracing innovative technology and more data sharing with allies should be part of the coming strategy, accordingto former Defense officials.


Feds Step Up Cybersecurity Support for State Governments

Forty-two advisers have been appointed or are in the process, with eight states still needing federal-level coordinators.


SOC Leaders and Employees Aren’t on the Same Page

Lack of shared recognition of problems increases the pain, according to a new survey.


Dev[SecAudCom]Ops—Not Really, But Don’t Overlook Audit and Compliance as Part of Security

The acronym for integrating security and agile development cycles may have gotten out of hand, officials say, but the core values are key to producing good software.

Emerging Tech

Using the Hard Lessons of the Pandemic to Shape the Government's Bioeconomy Policies

A rethinking the government’s approach to the various bioscientific fields may be necessary, experts argue.