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When Will Astronauts Launch From U.S. Soil Again?

NASA is hopeful SpaceX and Boeing will soon free the country from dependency on Russia, but delays abound.

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A High-Stakes Dress Rehearsal for SpaceX

Elon Musk plans to launch the Falcon Heavy later this month—but first, the rocket has to survive a big test.

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Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Astronaut Food

“Burping in microgravity is probably not something you want to do a lot of.”

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The Microbes Making Themselves at Home on the Space Station

The bacteria living with astronauts more closely resemble the kind living in homes on Earth, rather than on humans themselves.

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Budget-Managing Tips, but for Space Telescopes

NASA is scrambling to cut the growing cost of its latest big astronomy mission.

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Puerto Rico's Massive Telescope Is Still Running on Generators

The Arecibo Observatory is facing months of costly repairs after Hurricane Maria struck in September.

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Trump's NASA Pivot

His administration has made the moon a destination, not just a pit stop, on the way to Mars.

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How Sputnik Launched an Era of Technological Fragility

Sixty years after the historic achievement, a world without satellites seems difficult to imagine.

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What Would Flying From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes Feel Like?

Elon Musk’s proposed Earth transport system better stock barf bags.

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NASA's New Space Telescope Is in Harvey's Path

Here’s how they’re protecting the $8.6 billion project.


Using Twitter to Save a Newborn From a Flood

Search and rescue is evolving fast in the social-media age.

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Why the Curiosity Rover Stopped Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Itself

The answer, a NASA engineer warned, “will sound rather cold and unfeeling.”

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The Street View From Space

The newest images on Google Maps were taken by an astronaut as he floated from module to module.

Artificial Intelligence

The Mars Robot Making Decisions on Its Own

Thanks to artificial-intelligence software, the Curiosity rover can target rocks without human input.

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Space: Trump's Least Controversial Frontier

Unlike in other policy areas, the president can pay significant attention to the U.S. space program with little risk of backlash.

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America's Space Commanders Rattle Their Lightsabers

A steady drumbeat of remarks from Pentagon officials suggest they’re worried that warfare in orbit could soon become a reality.

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Elon Musk’s Moon Mission Would Vault SpaceX Past NASA

The company plans to take two people—not astronauts, but private citizens—on a trip around the moon next year.

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Trump's Advisers Want to Return Humans to the Moon in 3 Years

The plan could dramatically shift the mission of the space agency, prioritizing low-Earth orbit activity over distant exploration.