Artificial Intelligence

FTC Issues Warning About Generative AI Misuse

The agency noted that firms should not harm or deceive consumers with the new tools or get rid of staff in charge of artificial intelligence ethics.

Digital Government

GSA’s Pilot Transactional Data is ‘Inaccurate and Unusable’, Watchdog Says

According to the agency’s Inspector General, GSA performed an inaccurate evaluation of the program when it deemed TDR a success, but in actuality, the data is unusable.

Emerging Tech

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Tackle Criminal and Terrorist Crypto Activities

The companion House and Senate bills will create an independent working group to address terrorism and illicit financing on digital platforms.

Digital Government

Lawmakers Intro 2 Bills to Strengthen DOE Research Partnerships

The bills would codify the Department of Energy’s partnerships with NASA and the National Science Foundation to further research efforts.

Emerging Tech

NASA Quesst Mission Could Revitalize Supersonic Travel, but Quieter

New technologies may enable this type of travel that will sound like a car door slamming and almost cut travel time in half.

Digital Government

NIST Unveils Vision and Strategy for National Semiconductor Tech Center

The center will support semiconductor research and development efforts to advance U.S. competitiveness.

Digital Government

Commercial Data Could Give Space Force Better Situational Awareness, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office noted this data could supplement existing DOD data and allow the information to be shared with other agencies.


DHS Procurement Cyber Reporting Requirement Needs Clarifying, Watchdog Finds

The Government Accountability Office noted that several major acquisition programs at DHS didn’t think the requirement applied to them.

Emerging Tech

NASA Unveils Next-Gen Spacesuits

NASA and Collins Aerospace are working on the new suits for spacewalking and work on the International Space Station.

Digital Government

OPM’s Efforts to Spur Governmentwide Tech Hiring

The Office of Personnel Management is utilizing its authority to help federal agencies hire sorely needed tech talent.


Security a Top Priority in the Software Development Process, Report Finds

However, the government is lagging behind the private sector in using some of these tools.

Digital Government

Government, Industry and Academia Stress Need for Semiconductor Workers

The experts from each sector noted it is imperative for the U.S. to address this workforce challenge to meet the nation’s semiconductor needs and innovate.

Digital Government

Government Must Work with Private Sector to Secure Space, Experts Say

Several former federal officials argued government should protect the industrial base without hindering innovation for space technologies.

Digital Government

NIST Wants to Mitigate Smart Home Telehealth Cybersecurity Risks

The agency is looking for providers to help address the cybersecurity and privacy vulnerabilities in the telehealth ecosystem as it works to create a practice guide on the topic.

Emerging Tech

NIST Seeks Small Business Input for Chips Manufacturing Data and Analysis

The agency is looking for a company that can help provide data and analysis on semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities.

Emerging Tech

NASA, FedTech to Launch First Climate Tech Startup Studio

The program will help entrepreneurs leverage NASA tech to provide commercial solutions to climate challenges.

Emerging Tech

FCC Officially Launches Its Space Bureau

The agency launched the Space Bureau and Office of International Affairs after reorganizing its International Bureau.

Emerging Tech

FCC Proposes Rule to Boost Cell Service From Space

The proposed rule would help satellite operators and terrestrial network service providers work together to expand coverage, particularly in rural, unserved and underserved areas.

Digital Government

Ball Aerospace, Loft Federal and Microsoft to Team on Space Development Agency Program

The companies are supporting the Space Development Agency’s National Defense Space Architecture Experimental Testbed program, which will begin launching satellites in 2024.


Treasury Seeks Automated Software Testing and Lifecycle Management Tools

The agency is looking to move away from manual testing and instead use automated testing for reusable scripts and to track tests.