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Katherine McIntire Peters
Katherine is deputy editor of Government Executive Media Group where she oversees editorial coverage for She previously was executive editor of Nextgov.
Digital Government

Former HUD Executive Indicted in Procurement Fraud Scheme

Eghbal “Eddie” Saffarinia, former assistant inspector general for IT, allegedly steered contracts to a friend’s company and failed to disclose cash payments.

Digital Government

Shake Up at Homeland Security as Border Crisis Mounts

President Trump pledged to go in a "tougher" direction after withdrawing his nomination to lead ICE on Friday and accepting Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation on Sunday.

Digital Government

Days Into the Shutdown, the Costs Are Mounting

The mortgage payments, school tuition and utility bills will keep coming, even if paychecks are disrupted.


After Last-Minute Drama, Congress Passes a Government Funding Bill

After a short “technical” shutdown, Congress early Friday passed a measure that would raise spending levels by $300 billion over the next two years.

Digital Government

The Trump Transition Goes Digital

It’s official: Donald Trump now has a dot-gov website.

Digital Government

Bob Brewin, 1944-2014

The passing of a legendary reporter and a beloved colleague.

Digital Government

Pentagon CIO Shuffle: Navy Exec Takes the Reins at Defense

Terry Halvorsen, who will become acting Defense CIO, hasn't always embraced his predecessor's initiatives.

Digital Government

Federal Managers Need Better Training in Data Analytics

Agencies aren't sufficiently preparing staff to make the most of the information at their fingertips.


One Chart Shows Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Feds With Your Data

The number of reported information security incidents involving personally identifiable information has more than doubled in recent years.


State Taps Atlantic Media CTO to Manage Digital Diplomacy Program

The Obama team's former technology architect led the group that created the We the People petition site.


Cloud Computing Isn’t Just for Email

In an era of declining or stagnant budgets, remote computing offers agencies an opportunity to improve operations and network security.


Give Us 3 Minutes of Your Time

…and we’ll tell you what your peers in federal technology think about the Obama administration’s IT priorities (and a few other things as well).


Do You Work in Federal Technology? We Want to Hear From You.

We’re launching quarterly surveys to chart the evolving priorities, roles and responsibilities that underpin the technologies supporting agency missions.

Digital Government

VanRoekel: Don't Let Sunk Costs Sink Innovation

Big spending doesn't always mean big improvement -- sometimes it just means waste.


Edward Snowden and the Power of Cloud Computing

The gap between technology and the law grows wider, with no bridge in sight.

Emerging Tech

Drone Testing Could Soon Come to an Airfield Near You

The FAA has tapped six operators to examine the widespread use of remotely-piloted aircraft in domestic airspace.

Digital Government

HHS Chief Seeks Investigation Into Obamacare Website Contracts

Kathleen Sebelius also directed CMS to appoint a chief risk officer to oversee IT acquisitions.