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Josh Horwitz

Josh Horwitz is a correspondent for Quartz

Josh is a correspondent for Quartz who covers internet business and technology in Asia. He has lived in Shanghai, Beijing, and the great city of Taipei, where he studied Mandarin through the Taiwan Ministry of Education's Huawei Enrichment Scholarship. He now calls Hong Kong home. Josh's obsessions include China's internet, streaming media, and the future of transportation. He'd love to hear from you.

The Billion-Dollar, Alibaba-Backed AI Company That’s Quietly Watching People in China

SenseTime is one of a handful of companies at the forefront of China’s artificial intelligence boom.

IT Modernization

U.S. Fears China Winning on 5G if Broadcom Gets to Take Over Qualcomm

Broadcom’s hostile takeover attempt would mark the largest-ever tech acquisition in history.


Apple’s iCloud Service in China Will Be Managed by a Data Firm Started by the Government

With so much of its business—both in sales and manufacturing—in China, Apple has stay on Beijing’s good side.

Emerging Tech

In 2017, Silicon Valley Got Cozier with China. In 2018, Washington Will Get Frostier

Here are some of the most significant moves by U.S. tech firms and Washington over the past year.


Researchers Have Found an Unexpected Axis of North Korea’s Cyber Activity: India

The country’s suspect cyber activities are unlikely to be coming only from inside North Korea itself.


In China, Facial Recognition Is Used to Buy KFC, Board Planes, and Catch Drug Users

The speed of the rollout is a sign of how China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence are advancing rapidly.

CIO Briefing

Just in Time for Its Stellar Earnings, China is Going After Alibaba

Just hours before Alibaba released its numbers, the Chinese government shook its fist at the Hangzhou-based e-commerce giant.

IT Modernization

Apple’s Next Big Moneymaker is Its Biggest Headache in China

A Beijing-based law firm said Apple has been engaging in monopolistic behavior.

CIO Briefing

After China’s Crackdown, Now Russia Is Banning VPNs Too

The law is yet another sign of Putin’s growing control over internet access.

IT Modernization

Apple Removes The New York Times From Its App Store in China

The move is the latest indication of a broader government crackdown on the media, and of pressure on Apple itself.


China’s Bewildering New Cybersecurity Law Keeps Foreign Tech Firms Out of the Country

The law generally re-affirms the state’s commitment to controlling what technology is used within China’s borders and how it can collect information.