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John Zyskowski

John Zyskowski is a senior editor of Federal Computer Week. Follow him on Twitter: @ZyskowskiWriter.

ID management: A matter of trust

People have countless reasons to support good digital identity management. When the federal government is involved, however, a complex challenge gets even trickier.

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What comes after Networx?

The next federal telecom contract will focus on mobility, cloud and flexibility.


Solving virtualization's storage problem

Savings from server and desktop virtualization can disappear fast if storage isn't part of the plan


Building a mobile strategy

New administration plans for mobile computing and digital strategy depend on getting the data right.


Choosing a mobile development strategy for your agency

Here are some of the pros and cons of native vs. Web-based apps.

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BYOD catches CIOs off guard

Surveys suggest that federal employees are using personal devices at work, yet most agencies lack policies and tools for managing the risks involved.


Degrees of separation: After all, it is who you know

Organizational network analysis reveals how people’s interpersonal relationships affect a workgroup's effectiveness.

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5 tech shockwaves still felt today

Information technology has been transformative for government – are these the most pivotal changes?