The Escalating US-China Spying War Is McKinsey’s Loss and Huawei’s Gain

Chinese officials have asked state-owned enterprises to stop employing US consulting companies


Hackers May Accomplish What Microsoft Can’t—Kill off Windows XP

Microsoft said over the weekend that its browser is vulnerable to an attack that could allow hackers to install software on unsuspecting users’ computers.

Emerging Tech

China Pursues the Holy Grail of Ocean Energy, in a Massive Way

Beijing has invested an estimated $160 million in tidal and wave energy projects since 2010.

Digital Government

A US Court Just Ruled That Censorship by Search Engines Is a Form of Free Speech

The decision raises some unsettling questions about the world’s dependency on a handful of search engines.


The Bitcoin Industry Embraces What It Was Built to Avoid—Rules and Regulation

The crash of the prominent bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is the latest sign that bitcoin needs to adopt some sort of oversight if it is going to survive and thrive.


Chinese Censors May Have Accidentally Hacked Themselves and Caused a Major Internet Outage

Some 200 million Web users were mysteriously rerouted to site owned by an anti-censorship group.


Mobile Phones Are Now as Crucial as Food and Water in Emergency Aid

The foreign assistance streaming into the Philippines includes technology to facilitate communications.


10 Million People Are Trying to Tweet, Text, and Phone Home to the Philippines

As many as 13 million Filipinos work abroad, and they're desperately trying to reach their families and friends.

Digital Government

Monitoring the Spreading Radiation From Fukushima in Real Time

A searchable map for the country updates every ten minutes with data from the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


China is Starting a Government-Run Website Clone to Stamp Out Rumors on the Internet

Beijing Internet Association looks to debunk what it calls 'misinformation.'