China is Starting a Government-Run Website Clone to Stamp Out Rumors on the Internet

Beijing Internet Association looks to debunk what it calls 'misinformation.'

If you ask the Beijing Internet Association, China’s websites and microblogs are plagued by “made-up stories, rumors, slandering, cursing, and swearing.”

Now the non-profit group, which includes some of the most powerful executives in China, has teamed up with the Chinese government and six of the country’s biggest internet companies to launch a website devoted to debunking internet misinformation. Even the world’s mostly tightly-censored internet apparently needs a state-sponsored truth squad.

So far the site features an incongruous mixture of consumer-friendly information (no, using a cell phone during a thunderstorm does not increase your chance of being electrocuted) and specific denials of wrongdoing, like buying property through ill-gotten gains, by government officials.

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