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Facebook Says It Will Kick Off Scammy Advertisers If Enough Users Report Them

Unlike with other online feedback systems, users won’t be able to see what others have said about the advertiser.


200,000 Volunteers Have Become the Fact Checkers of the Internet

The creation process of Wikipedia is largely transparent.


Facebook Has Revealed the Hyper-Specific Internal Rules It Uses to Police Content

The company is publishing updated “Community Standards” that spell out for users exactly what they are allowed to post, and what is forbidden.

Emerging Tech

Mark Zuckerberg Floated a “Supreme Court” for Facebook. What Does That Mean?

In many ways, Facebook is more like a government than a company, Zuckerberg claims.


Zuckerberg Will Reportedly Face the Music Before Congress Instead of Sending His Deputies

Facebook has previously only sent lawyers or lower-level executives to Congress.


The Data Expert Who Exposed Facebook’s Breach Has Been Suspended by Facebook

The breached allowed for the harvest of data from tens of millions of users without their permission.

Emerging Tech

Facebook’s Algorithm Change Could Affect How Cops Speak to Citizens

Facebook has already become a critical communications tool for police and fire departments as well as local governments across the United States.


Ahead of Tougher EU Data Laws, Facebook Is Sharing Its Privacy Philosophy

Facebook also said that it will introduce a “privacy center,” a one-stop-shop within the platform for adjusting privacy settings.


Facebook Is Giving the US Government More and More Data

The company has been providing data when requested by governments since 2013.

CIO Briefing

Facebook’s Workplace Is Gaining Ground as it Prepares to Pounce on Slack

Facebook has started crawling into the last space in your life it hasn’t yet dominated.

CIO Briefing

US Government Agencies Are Buying Ads on Facebook—in Russian

Basically everyone can buy ads on the platform to push their agenda.

CIO Briefing

Travelers Coming Into America Are Now Seeing Beefed-Up Security

The security measures apply to roughly 280 airports in 105 countries and do not affect domestic flights.