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Gwynn Guilford

Emerging Tech

Is Microsoft’s Bing Spreading the Chinese Government’s Censorship Around the World?

Findings from the anti-censorship blog suggest an ominous extension of the Great Firewall’s reach.

CXO Briefing

Would You Report Chinese Corruption to an Anonymous Government Website?

Official Communist Party informant site says it offers some whistleblower protections.

Emerging Tech

China Could Become the First Country to Legalize Parcel Delivery by Drone

One of China's biggest delivery companies is hoping to access remote areas with drone technology.

IT Modernization

From Boston to Sichuan, Messaging Apps Come to the Rescue When Cellphone Networks Fail

During emergencies mobile-phone networks are quickly overwhelmed, so users are taking to services that use bandwidth more efficiently.

IT Modernization

Six Reasons Why Chinese People Will Drive the Next Bull Market in Bitcoin

There’s one country where people probably won’t need much persuading to join the bit-craze.

IT Modernization

Intel and Baidu Join Forces as They Scramble to Keep Up with Mobile Growth

The two companies plan to develop software for China’s mobile internet market.


Tableau’s $150 million IPO offers more proof of Big Data’s big growth potential

The company's bread and butter is sophisticated analytics software and services.