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Echo Huang

Echo Huang is a reporter for Quartz based in Hong Kong.
Digital Government

After Faces, China Is Moving Quickly to Identify People By Their Voices

China’s digitally-connected population has enabled the government to track people in many forms.

Digital Government

China’s Internet 'Clean-up' Has Closed Over 13,000 Illegal Websites Since 2015

While the report says all the websites taken down over the three-year span were illegal, it provided few other details about the sites taken down.

Digital Government

What Do China’s Police Collect on Citizens in Order to Predict Crime? Everything

These databases can scoop up everything from addresses, to medical history, supermarket membership, and delivery records.


A Giant Telescope Listening for Aliens Could Be Disrupted by Millions of Tourists’ Cellphones

A theme park built around the device has seen nearly 3.8 million people in the first half of 2017.