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Dave Gershgorn

Dave Gershgorn covers artificial intelligence for Quartz.
Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Spies Want to Know How to Identify Compromised AI

The intelligence community's research arm wants to be able to tell if someone is tampering with training data.

Artificial Intelligence

Google Created a ‘Responsible Innovation Team’ to Check If Its AI Is Ethical

It’s no longer left to individual programmers to decide on their own if something is designed ethically.

Emerging Tech

The U.S. Navy Wants Electronic Weapons That 'Go To 11'

This tech could potentially be capable of frying enemy electronics.

Artificial Intelligence

The U.S. Could Regulate AI in the Name of National Security

These regulations would be target a big name in AI: China

Artificial Intelligence

These Companies Are Pitching AI to the U.S. Military

The Pentagon’s AI shopping list is similar to a Silicon Valley company’s: fast data organization, predictive maintenance, and mitigation for threats.


The DEA And ICE Are Hiding Surveillance Cameras In Streetlights

It’s unclear where the streetlight cameras have been installed, or where the next deployments will take place.

Emerging Tech

Twitter’s Existential Crisis Has It Reconsidering The 'Like' Button

Recent reports have floated the idea that the platform will drastically change.

Emerging Tech

Google Is About to Have Even More Control Over the Images You Find on the Internet

The new functionality represents a shift in the way Google surfaces and displays images for its users.