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The CIA Didn't Trust Snowden, Even Back in 2009

Edward Snowden had a negative report placed in his CIA personnel file, but that red flag didn't keep him out of NSA's highly classified computer network.

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Navy Yard Responders Say Rescue Was Hampered by Bad Radios

Radios reportedly weren't powerful enough to reach transmitters outside the building.

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NSA Searches Some Americans' Emails for Any Mention of Foreign Suspects

Agents are reportedly combing over thousands and thousands of emails without warrants.

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Mastermind of 9/11 Attacks Designed a Vacuum Cleaner From His CIA Prison

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, captured in 2003, was allowed to spend time designing a new appliance.

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What Did Tech Companies Know About the NSA and When Did they Know It?

Tech giants have denied they were in on the surveillance plan.

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This Stem-Cell Cloning Breakthrough Is Going to Revive the Same Old Debate

Researchers in Oregon are creating perfectly matched human tissues through the process of cell cloning.

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An Air Force Unit Controlling Our Nuclear Weapons Is Filled with 'Rot'

An internal inspection at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota found the unit that oversees nuclear missile launches to be so woefully unprepared.

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We're One Step Closer to On-Demand Organ Transplants

Scientists say they have successfully "grown" a kidney in a laboratory environment and transplanted it back into a healthy animal.

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Half of All U.S. Rivers Are Too Polluted for Our Health

A new report by the EPA found that the majority of rivers and streams in this country can't support healthy aquatic life.


New 'Cosmic Blueprint' Lets Us Look at the Earliest Days of the Universe

The new map of cosmic radiation shows us the universe at 380,000 years old.

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Is the CIA Getting Out of the Drone Business?

The White House plans to take the power to launch drone strikes away from the CIA and make the program the exclusive to the Defense Department, according to reports.


South Korean Websites Taken Down In Possible Cyberattack From North Korea

The web servers of three television networks and three major banks in South Korea were brought down.

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Obama Says Iran Is a Year Away from a Nuke

The President tried to reassure Israelis that the need for a preemptive strike against is still a long way off.

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North Korea Shuts Off Its Emergency Hotline to Seoul

The hotline was the only formal communication between Pyongyang and Seoul.

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North Korea Is Now Threatening a Preemptive Nuclear Attack

The threats come as the U.N. condemns North Korea's latest nuclear test.

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Pro-Assad Hackers Take Over AFP's Twitter with Syrian Propaganda Photos

The account is an odd choice for a hack, since the account has about 3,600 followers.

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North Korea's Nuclear Negotiating Game Has It All Backwards

The rogue state says it wants to conduct one or two more nuclear tests.

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Nuclear Negotiations with Iran Fail... Again

Herman Nackaerts of the IAEA arrived in Vienna this morning to report that no progress had been made on an agreement to inspect Iran's nuclear energy sites.

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Why North Korea's Nuclear Program Can't Be Stopped

The world can't negotiate with North Korea, because the world doesn't have anything North Korea wants.