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Connor Simpson


NSA Intercepts Laptops Purchased Online to Install Malware

When remote access hacking strategies don't work, the agency goes old school.

Emerging Tech

China Is Now the Third Country to Successfully 'Soft Land' on the Moon

The Chang’e-3, an unmanned spacecraft carrying a lunar rover that will carry out experiments and collect geological samples, left earth about two weeks ago.


Stuxnet Used an Old Movie Trick to Fool Iran's Nuclear Program

An earlier version of the virus relied on the cyber-attack equivalent of a camera trick in the movie Speed.


FBI: Anonymous Hackers Stole Info on 100,000 Federal Employees, Contractors

Personal information compromised at the Army, NASA, Energy, HHS and perhaps many more agencies.


A Russian Cosmonaut Accidentally Infected the ISS with Stuxnet

Russian security expert Eugene Kaspersky says that the virus was installed through a USB stick.


Why Was NSA's Website Down for 11 Hours?

Multiple groups have taken credit for hacking

Digital Government

Report: NSA Director to Step Down by April

Gen. Keith Alexander and his deputy are expected to leave office in the coming months.


The President Blocks an Apple Sales Ban at the Last Minute

Move is a huge win for Apple in their ongoing sparring session with Samsung over patents.

Emerging Tech

Tesla Is First Green Tech Firm to Pay Back Its Energy Dept. Loan

The government made $12 million on the 2009 loan.

Digital Government

Student Spies Trade NIH Research to China in Exchange for Tuition

The three scientists accused worked at New York University's Langone Medical Center conducting research on MRIs.

Digital Government

Syria's Internet Is Offline Again

For the second time in as many weeks, the Internet usage in Syria disappeared mysteriously.

Emerging Tech

Astronauts at the International Space Station Successfully Fixed Leaky Pump

The impromptu five-hour mission was completed ahead of schedule.