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Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

Buy or build? For IT, it's custom vs. COTS

It's a timeless question — and the answer might not be as clear-cut as agencies think.


Unraveling the facts about GWACs

Procurement experts cut through the confusion surrounding governmentwide acquisition contracts.


BYOD: Not so inevitable after all

Employees might demand e-mail and Web access on their own devices, but agencies should think carefully when considering broader BYOD policies.


Risk management: An inside view

With no accepted common concept about what constitutes risk management in IT, management strategies are a challenge, argues a former agency CISO.


Cyber insecurity: Managing against the risk

Firewalls and other barriers can’t begin to guard against every threat. Today’s interconnected systems and mobile workforce demand a very different approach.


Tom Hewitt: The IT market master

By starting the information service and consulting firm Federal Sources, Tom Hewitt made it his business to help industry better meet government's needs.


Cybersecurity reboot: Two game-changing ideas

Some say making IT systems a moving target to hackers and centralizing cybersecurity policy will turn around current flawed approaches.