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Bob Brewin
Bob Brewin joined Government Executive in April 2007, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience as a journalist focusing on defense issues and technology. Bob covers the world of defense and information technology for Nextgov, and is the author of the “What’s Brewin” blog.
CIO Briefing

Army to Manpack Tactical Radio Vendors: Go on a Diet

Other items on the Army’s to-do list: Boosting battery life and transmitting power

CIO Briefing

Army Wants Better Teeth Tracking

The Army is seeking new dental software. It needs to have dynamic scheduling capabilities, according to contracting docs.

CIO Briefing

Exclusive: AFRICOM Plans High-Speed Circuits to Liberia

U.S. military plans to lease a 622 megabit terrestrial circuit from Europe to Liberia.

CIO Briefing

VA Eyes New Medical Imaging System

The new system will be built on commercial standards for viewing medical images, including X-rays, CT body scans and MRI brain scans.

CIO Briefing

Race is On for Defense Health Record – but VA Backs Out of Competition

Four teams of contractors are vying for the electronic health record system contract – and the $11 billion prize attached.

IT Modernization

Defense Mobile Update: BlackBerry Still Dominates

BlackBerry devices in use by the Defense Department total 85,000 -- 10 times the number of Apple and Android devices.

CIO Briefing

Today's Lesson -- Aging Soviet Rocket Engine Doesn't Fly

Orbital Sciences Corp. tried to launch a mission to the International Space Station using rocket engines built four decades ago

CIO Briefing

US Army Will Provide Wi-Fi for NGOs in the Fight Against Ebola

The networks the Army is setting up in West Africa will support both military users and NGOs, such as Doctors without Borders.

CIO Briefing

A Whole Bunch of GPS Action

Two new GPS sets pack enhanced anti-jam features. The latest launch is this week.


VA: Hackers Never Siphoned Data Out of Our Systems

Veterans Affairs experiences 55,000 malware attacks a day, agency official says.

CIO Briefing

Navy Will Get Its Microsoft Cloud Email from Dell in $2.1M Deal

The Navy sees hundreds of millions of dollars in savings over the Next Generation Enterprise Network.