Behind clearance reform, a struggle in data collection

Readers weigh in with real-life experience from both sides of the vetting process.


Agencies launch online complaint system for veteran education

The effort involves a half-dozen federal agencies and is intended to smooth the GI Bill process for veterans and dependents.


Turnover at top DOD, DHS S&T posts

Longtime Pentagon Comptroller Bob Hale is among those heading out the door, to be replaced by Mike McCord, now the principal deputy undersecretary of Defense.


Mobile malware meets BYOD

Infections of malicious software in mobile devices surged by 20 percent in 2013, just as bring-your-own-device strategies are gaining greater acceptance in government.


What federal agencies can learn from the Super Bowl

The public safety cloud that supports security at the event serves as a case study in connecting numerous disparate groups and people to identify and mitigate risks.


The economics of a national cyber immune system

Inexpensive attacks can yield great returns for the bad guys, while the defenders work with limited budgets and have to be right every time.


Security clearance reform: more questions than answers

Many of the proposed solutions rely on the use of IT – automation, continuous evaluation and shared data banks between agencies.


What does NSA fallout mean for cyber?

Aside from addressing immediate privacy concerns, the president’s overhaul plan will set precedents to be applied to future cybersecurity operations.


Review board to Obama: Shut down NSA program

The recommendations would represent a more decisive step than reform efforts outlined by the president earlier this week.


Is cybersecurity the right job for you?

As cyber staffing shortages put pressure on the public and private sectors, many employers are showing little patience for job seekers with entry-level skills.


Herding the stray cats of federal IT ambitions

The upcoming NIST cyber framework will provide some structure, but a new report says additional measures will be needed to implement a comprehensive management plan for federal IT security.


Gates: NSA ‘primary weapon in this conflict’

The former Pentagon chief decried Obama administration leaks and privacy advocates who downplay the need for security.


Army looks to virtual training, shared intell amid budget cuts

The Army is planning to combine multiple training programs into a single environment to cut overhead costs.


Obama trims intelligence gathering

The presidential directive places new limits on the collection of data on Americans' communications, but the gathering of data will continue.


DARPA in 2014: Director Arati Prabhakar looks ahead

The specific technologies change, but the research agency's director asserts that the "mission has been unchanged in 55 years."


Cyber Command, network defenses bolstered in spending bill

Spending on cybersecurity will be dramatically higher in 2014 -- and so will reporting requirements for the agencies getting the money.


GSA, OMB credit IT for conference savings

Online tracking tools, virtual and videoconferencing, webinars and other digital options have saved billions in travel costs, OMB and GSA say.

Digital Government

Defense Health Agency focusing on IT for savings, efficiencies

Beyond migrating to a new electronic health records system, the agency is consolidating IT infrastructure, moving to DOD enterprise email and boosting R&D.


Former DOD official to lead industrial base review

One of Brett Lambert’s duties at the Pentagon was to lead efforts to improve communication between the department and the defense industrial base.