Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Unveils Draft for $60B T4NG 2 Vehicle

But time is short: comments regarding the VA's go-to technology contract are due Friday.

VA’s Initiative to Recruit Laid Off Tech Workers is Paying Off, Official Says

The VA’s ongoing efforts to recruit high-skilled professionals displaced by layoffs across the tech sector are helping to fill a host of tech-related vacancies in the department.

Despite Issues, VA’s EHR Deployment Remains Scheduled to Pick Up in Mid-2023

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Congress are continuing to support the rollout of the agency’s new electronic health record system, even as lawmakers remain concerned about the project’s cost and effectiveness.

Veterans Health Administration, Verizon Working to Test 5G Drone Technology

An innovation hub at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System is undertaking a pilot program to test and deploy 5G drones and related technologies to improve safety.

VA Cancels Future Deployments of New Supply Chain Management System

The agency’s decision to transition away from using the Defense Department’s supply chain logistics solution comes after lawmakers and the VA’s Office of Inspector General questioned the system’s value.

'It's a Great Time' for Laid off Tech Workers to Take a Job at VA, Agency CIO Says

During a media call on Friday, the VA’s CIO and CTO discussed the department’s efforts to attract new talent amid thousands of layoffs across the tech sector.

GDIT Receives $84 Million Contract to Support Traumatic Brain Injury Research

The research and support contract, awarded by the Defense Health Agency, has an eight-month base period with three option years.

VA Used COVID Relief Funds To Bolster IT and Digital Services

The VA used supplemental COVID funding from three different bills to support expanded telehealth services and remote operations during the worst of the pandemic.

Critical Update: Safeguarding Data From Outside Intrusion

The VA is in the process of implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity model to better secure veterans’ sensitive personal data.

VA Has a Plan to Attract Workers Displaced by Widespread Tech Industry Layoffs

Amid a recent wave of layoffs across the technology sector, the VA is working to position itself as an enticing destination for unemployed tech workers.

White House Sprint Ends With Nearly 200 New Cyber Apprenticeship Programs

The 120-day sprint saw more than 7,000 apprentices get hired from the initiative.

Critical Update: How Data Analytics and AI Algorithms Can Prioritize Trust

VA researchers are training machine learning algorithms to accurately learn about real-world data.

A Vision for Digital Transformation at VA

Solution-focused engineering and collaboration can address many of the key challenges VA is facing and facilitate practical solutions.

Adoption of AI in Health Care Relies on Building Trust, DOD, VA Officials Say

Wider use of health-related artificial intelligence applications at the departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense depends on technologies being “sufficiently understandable.”

NOAA Planning to Join DOD’s Electronic Health Record System

A spokesperson for the office overseeing the rollout of the Oracle Cerner electronic health record system said that NOAA’s deployment of the software is “targeted for summer 2023.”

VA Needs Better Data on Employment Outcomes of ‘Promising’ Tech Training Pilot, Watchdog Says

A Government Accountability Office report found that the Department of Veterans Affairs lacks sufficient data on its VET TEC pilot to “assess the effectiveness of the program at getting veterans into jobs.”