Veterans Affairs

VA Awards Sole Source Contract to Upgrade, Automate Its COVID-19 Visualization Tool

Contracting officials justified the $1.5 million award by citing a $6 million price tag to fully replace the tool.

Six Months into VA's 5G-Enabled Hospital Project

The pandemic emerged early in its existence, but the infrastructure is already providing a foundation for health care innovation, an official said.

VA Restarts Electronic Health Record Rollout

The initial deployment at a Spokane, Washington, medical center is now scheduled for October, while the new scheduling system will begin rolling out in August.

VA Needs a Cyber Audit of its Governmentwide Financial Services Center

The accounting shared services program—used by a range of federal agencies and programs—needs to ensure its systems are secure.

Senate Passes Veterans Affairs IT Reform Act

The bill would require annual reports on projects that cost more than $25 million and affirm CIO authority in planning.

VA Wants a Veteran-Owned Business to Upgrade Wichita Facility’s IT Ahead of Health Records Rollout

The deployment of Veterans Affairs’ new electronic health record program has been on hold while the agency deals with COVID-19 but the agency wants to get Wichita’s infrastructure ready to roll.

VA Wants to Automate Digitization of its 5-Mile-High Electronic Health Record Backlog

Veterans Affairs is looking to robotic process automation to help digitize its backlog and integrate with the new electronic health record platform.

VA Launches Digital COVID-19 Screening App for Patients and Employees

The answers can help staff direct individuals to the appropriate parts of the facility or if needed, additional screening.

VA, CFPB Solicit Partners to Conduct Diversity-Focused Training

Several solicitations have been launched for inclusivity-centered services in recent weeks.

Critical Update: COVID-19 Challenges Test Veterans Affairs' Customer Experience Office

The Veteran Experience Office has been instrumental in ensuring veterans’ voices are heard and acknowledged, even amid a global pandemic.

Watchdog: VA Needs To Include More Specialists in Electronic Health Record Decisions

A new audit found Veterans Affairs’ EHR Councils were set up well and are doing good work, but need better outreach and communication to reach key stakeholders.

VA’s Digital Transformation Efforts Helped It Quickly Pivot to Increased Remote Work

Deputy CIO Dominic Cussatt detailed how the agency heightened its capabilities for pandemic-induced telework. 

Veterans Affairs Launches First Chatbot to Field COVID-19 Questions

The bot was developed and deployed via Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot platform.

Veterans Affairs' Focus on Experience Sees Increase in Veteran Trust

Trust among veterans has increased 5% in VA health care services since the department began measuring real-time feedback in 2017.

VA Exploring Options for a Grand Challenge to Prevent Suicide

The agency is looking for a contractor to help run a possible multi-phase competition, including outreach and potentially raising private-sector funds for the prizes. 

Accenture Federal Wins $96M Task Order to Modernize and Automate VA Services

Through human-centered design, federal employees and other users will weigh in on what works, along the way.