Veterans Affairs

FDA Approves VA-Made 3D-Printed Hearing Device for South Carolina Veteran

It’s rooted in the patient’s unique idea to use a drinking straw to open up his hearing pathway.

VA Doctor Dispels Myths that 5G Could Make People Sick

He also offered a look into several government-centered deployments.

VA Launches New Platform to Send Veterans Personalized Notifications

Open-source software—developed abroad—supports a new tool that allows the agency to send confirmations and other details through email or text.

Veterans Affairs Department Expands 5G Footprint to Miami

The agency’s latest next-generation wireless network was recently deployed by T-Mobile.

VA Wants Help Creating a ‘Strategic Planning Ecosystem’ to Guide IT Modernization Efforts

A contractor will support the development of several strategic plans for the Office of Information Technology.

Veterans Affairs Rolls Out Ethics Framework for Guarding Vets’ Data

The agency aims to set expectations around who can manage, view and access veteran data.

GAO Recommends VA Pause EHR Deployment to Resolve Issues

The Veterans Affairs Department told auditors it will move on with deployments while addressing test findings. 

VA Partners with AT&T to Extend its 5G Experimentation

A fresh installation was many months in the making, officials explained.

5G in Action

Civilian and defense agencies lay the groundwork for next-generation communications.

Administration Unveils Senior Tech and Acquisition Leaders

Some will serve as temporary caretakers as nominees go through the confirmation process.

The Federal CX Moves that Mattered in 2020

Experts expect momentum in improving service delivery and customer experience to continue under the coming Biden administration.

Veterans Affairs Publishes Employee Experience Journey Map

Agency officials believe positive employee experiences translate to improved service delivery to its veterans.

VA Plans Poop Pilots to Detect COVID-19 Outbreaks at Nursing Homes

The Veterans Affairs Department will test wastewater for early indications of infection among residents, who can then be quarantined to limit the spread to others.

VA to Begin COVID-19 Vaccinations at 128 More Sites 

The Veterans Affairs Secretary said the approval of a second vaccine allows the department to inoculate more health care providers and veterans.

VA Solicits Feedback on Plans to Transform its HR IT Systems

The agency’s vast human resources community process more than 1 million personnel actions a year.

VA Flags Potential Staffing, Resource Hurdles in Vaccine Distribution

The department will start with a small distribution of doses, but expects a series of hurdles in inoculating its entire workforce and network.