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America’s Drinking Water Is Surprisingly Easy to Poison

The experts say the sorts of rudimentary vulnerabilities revealed in the breach are common among America’s 151,000 public water systems.

Pandemic Drives Phone, Computer ‘Right-to-Repair’ Bills

The pandemic has made living without a computer harder than ever.

Police Departments Experiment With 70-Pound Robot Dog

Departments have deployed the cyber K-9s in hostage situations and as part of the covid response. Proponents say the robots can help keep officers out of harm's way, while critics worry how they could be used without clear policy guidelines in place.

Hackers Seized on the Pandemic. Some States Are Fighting Back.

Cyberattackers have forced states to take down websites, stolen $36 billion in unemployment payments and exposed millions of residents’ personal information to scammers.

Report: Mobile Phishing to Steal Government Credentials Increased 67% in 2020

State and local governments are more exposed than federal agencies in the new teleworking age, but threats have increased across the board.

CISA, DHS Bolster State and Local Cybersecurity Programs

CISA added another vendor to an intrusion detection plan and DHS increased the required cybersecurity spend for certain FEMA grants. 

Lawmakers Call for Federal Program to Upgrade Unemployment Systems

Many people filing for unemployment during the pandemic have experienced long delays. Subpar technology is one of the factors commonly blamed for problems.

Despite Security Concerns, Online Voting Advances

Online voting is likely to become more popular as technology improves and as election officials seek ways to expand access to the ballot. But security experts warn of hacking threats.

Poll Finds Steep Drop in Satisfaction With Government in the U.S.

The Gallup survey results indicate people are unhappy with other aspects of American life as well, like the moral climate and the influence of corporations.

Biden Asks OSHA to Consider COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rules

A national order from OSHA would bring all states under the same rules, since even states with independent agencies must meet or exceed the federal standard.

How the Biden Administration Can Restore Trust in Government

Governments can use technology to meet people where they are, serve people better in their real lives, and make successes visible to demonstrate the value of effective governing.

A State Becomes the First to Suspend Facial Recognition Technology in Schools

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said there are “serious and legitimate privacy concerns” with the technology—but only prohibited its use until 2022.

How the U.S. Can Fight the Opioid Epidemic During COVID-19

A majority of states—more than 40—have reported increases in opioid-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Why It's Hard to Get People to Take COVID Seriously

It's difficult for public health agencies to raise the right amount of fear in people, an expert says.

Tribes Mount Organized Responses to COVID-19, in Contrast to State and Federal Governments

Responding to the pandemic also means continuing to exercise sovereignty.

Election Disinformation Fears Came True for State Officials

Some state and local Republican officials are refusing to concede elections and claiming voter fraud.