Quantum Computing

U.S. Furthers Quantum Research with New International Partnership

The U.S. and the Netherlands are the latest countries to team up in an effort to innovate in the quantum sciences field.

Pending National Cyber Strategy to Feature ‘Strong Stand’ on Quantum Cryptography

An Office of the National Cyber Director official discussed the path of transitioning public and private networks to post-quantum cryptographic standards, and emphasizes data inventory in organizations’ efforts to transition cryptographic systems.

Energy Issues Over $9M in Quantum Research Funding

13 projects will receive funding over the course of three years, all of which apply quantum technology to solving nuclear physics problems.

The Future of Quantum Security Will Be Encoded in Light, Researchers Hope

Swiss researchers, funded in part by the U.S., are developing a stronger network security countermeasure to combat the potential of a viable quantum computing system.

Push for More Quantum Tech Investment Reaches World Economic Forum

WEF leadership announced the development of a new blueprint aimed at helping nations navigate the advent of quantum computing technologies.

State Department Creates First Office Devoted to Emerging Technology Diplomacy

The Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology will facilitate strategic partnerships to develop and regulate innovative tech.

Quantum Tech's Path to Commercialization Will Be a 2023 NIST Priority

The National Institute of Standards and Technology spearheaded applied quantum research in 2022, and looks to further stand up the growing industry in the coming year.

Standards Development a ‘Critical’ Issue for US-EU Trade and Tech Council

The bilateral group’s agenda heading into 2023 will include emerging technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence, State Department Undersecretary Jose Fernandez said.

Preparations for Quantum Cyber Threat Get a Senate Boost

The bill would require an annual report to Congress from the Office of Management and Budget with the goal of identifying funding needed for agencies’ transition to post-quantum cryptography.

U.S. Joins France in New Quantum Tech Partnership

Both countries will work together to develop and advance critical quantum technologies, the next step in the Biden administration’s larger push for global quantum leadership.

White House Begins to Push Federal Post-Quantum Cryptography Migration

The Office of Management and Budget released new guidance to begin the governmentwide effort to safeguard digital infrastructure from quantum attacks.

US and Switzerland Enter Quantum Partnership

The State Department confirmed U.S. participation in another bilateral partnership focused on technological innovation.

Commercial Availability, Consequences Best Approach for Post-Quantum Transition

Ann Cox, the lead at the Department of Homeland Security’s research office, emphasized community engagement and technological needs for a successful quantum-resilient future.