Quantum Computing

NSF pitches Congress on the potential of quantum technology

The National Science Foundation made a case for robust congressional funding in emerging tech research following budget cuts to the agency this year.

Practical quantum computing is coming in 3 to 5 years, but will be cloud based, NSA official predicts

Cloud architectures will allow organizations to more easily access quantum capabilities, he said.

House Science chairman looks to pass quantum bill

Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., highlighted the importance of National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act passage and steady funding for federal research agencies.

Warner, Blackburn team up to reestablish U.S. leadership in international tech standards

New bipartisan legislation would ask NIST to help the U.S. establish a stronger international presence in setting emerging technology standards.

NIST calls for quantum tech experts to join advisory group

As global agencies are preparing to set standards in quantum technology, NIST is working on forming a U.S. delegation to represent American perspectives.

IARPA launches program to solve error-prone building blocks of quantum computing

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will work to reduce the noise in quantum bits, which currently stand as a major hurdle to establishing fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Oak Ridge public-private partnership looks to advance quantum tech for the power grid

The partnership between Oak Ridge National Laboratory and utility provider EPB aims to find ways that quantum technologies can enhance energy resilience. 

US Geological Survey inks partnership to look beneath Earth’s surface using quantum sensing

The U.S. Geological Survey entered into a new collaborative partnership with quantum technology company Q-CTRL to explore if quantum sensing can help find critical minerals and predict natural disasters.

André Mendes looks back and forward

The former top tech official at the Department of Commerce looks back on a career in federal IT and previews where he thinks the AI and quantum revolutions will take us.

NIST releases 2 draft guides to prepare for post-quantum migration

The guidelines aim to help organizations incorporate quantum-resistant algorithms into their existing security infrastructures.

Government’s quantum efforts are shifting to a near-term strategy

As the National Quantum Initiative Act is set to advance to a House vote, one federal official described the technology as “the next thing” on the horizon.

DOD offices see post-quantum cryptography as 'mission critical'

Offices within the Navy and Air Force are looking to both protect systems and harness benefits of quantum information sciences and computing

House committee unanimously approves quantum reauthorization bill

The reauthorization of 2018’s landmark quantum information sciences legislation is set to move to a full House vote, though a companion has not yet been introduced in the Senate.

Bipartisan House duo looks to extend quantum tech legislation

The chairman and ranking member of a key House committee are looking to reauthorize federal support for quantum computing research for five more years.

Lawmakers seek to upgrade quantum sciences research labs, academic resources

A new bipartisan bill seeks to modernize quantum sciences research facilities

NASA probes quantum tech for sensing applications

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said the space agency is leveraging quantum-based technologies, like sensing, to better study space and climate change.

Feds' quantum encryption shift is most 'comprehensive' ever done, official says

Office of the National Cyber Director official Dylan Presman said there has been “nothing like this” effort to move critical assets to quantum-resistant encryption standards.