Quantum Computing

More International Quantum Partnerships Likely As U.S. Stakes Claim In Field

The U.S. is keen to get ahead in the global quantum race as national security and technological innovation intersect.

IARPA previews busy research season

The agency’s long tech wish list includes capabilities that can predict human movement and new computing architectures to crunch its mountain of data.

Developing Viable Quantum Tech Hinges On Hardware, Workforce

Officials at the Department of Energy said that in addition to continued research and development, a basic foundation is needed to make quantum technologies mainstream.

The Ukrainian War Could Usher in Quantum Arms Race

Just as nuclear weapons remain a threat in the physical space, quantum-powered capabilities could become a threat in cyberspace.

Preparing for the Quantum Revolution

The emerging computing technology offers the potential for significant advancements, but also carries the possibility of never-before-seen threats.

The Next Big Quantum Leap May Require Better Software

The raw power of increasingly advanced quantum computers could necessitate advances in software to make sense of the noise.

Quantum Tech Still Too Young to Warrant Export Controls, Defense Advisers Warn

A report commissioned by the Pentagon helps provide insight into how various federal agencies fit into big-picture policy considerations on the emerging national security issue.

White House Unveils New Quantum Sciences Education Initiative 

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy aims to foster the next generation of talent in quantum information sciences to match growing demand. 

NDAA Inclusions Prioritize Pentagon Emerging Technology Pursuits

The legislation’s inclusions would mandate new investments across AI, quantum information science, biotechnology and more.

Report: China May Steal Encrypted Government Data Now to Decrypt with Quantum Computers Later

A new analysis urges CISO’s to take strategic steps ahead of the advent of quantum computing.

Quantum Community Weighs In on New U.S.-U.K. Collaboration Agreement

Officials said the new joint agreement will make the nations collectively more competitive.

Experts Call for a U.S. National Technology Strategy as Competition Heats Up with China

There’s much to be considered as ‘what could be one of the most disruptive periods in human history’ approaches.

GAO Study Stresses Need for Steady Funding of Quantum Tech

A report highlights the risks and benefits of federal investment in quantum computing and other technologies, but stresses collaboration and steady funding. 

NSA Cyber Chief Spells Out Near-Term Priorities

Ransomware is a top concern, but the agency is also looking ahead to defending networked weapons and post-quantum encryption.

DHS Issues Roadmap to Help Organizations Prepare for Quantum Computing Threat

Officials say there’s a lot agencies and other entities should be doing, even though it may be more than a decade before a quantum computer can decode current levels of encryption.