Report Reveals Surveillance Abuses In Educational Technology

The report was commissioned by Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren, Richard Blumenthal and Edward J. Markey.

Executive Order Coming to Facilitate European Input on U.S. Government Surveillance 

Major U.S. information technology companies are hoping to charm the European Union’s high court with a third attempt to clear their way in moving data across borders where laws governing privacy and data security have been fundamentally different.

Agencies Need More Tech Expertise to Support Future Data Privacy Legislation

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren said her proposed bill to govern data privacy standards will require expert judgements by regulatory agencies.

Proposed Bill Would Let People Know When Law Enforcement is Surveilling Them

The Government Surveillance Transparency Act requires law enforcement to disclose surveillance orders. 

Privacy and Child Endangerment are Major Congressional Motivators for Regulating Big Tech

The House Energy and Commerce Committee heard witness testimony on the need for better transparency and government coordination in the tech industry.

Your Sense of Privacy Evolved Over Millennia – That Puts You at Risk Today but Could Improve Technology Tomorrow

You have a finely honed sense of privacy in the physical world. But the sights and sounds you encounter online don’t help you detect risks and can even lull you into a false sense of security.

CBP Revitalizes Biometric Data Collection At Border

Customs and Border Protection jumpstarted a DNA collection program in fall of 2021 to verify family relations, but will not store data it in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System.

Lawmakers Call for End to Government’s Use of Facial Recognition Tech

The request specifically calls out “dangers” in multiple federal agencies operating Clearview AI’s facial recognition technology.

Controversial Section 230 Reform Finds More Opposition in Senate

A previous version of the bill was criticized by human rights groups and privacy advocates.

Privacy Advocates Connect Capitol Attack to Need for Data Protection Legislation

Sen. Ron Wyden joined citizen groups calling for limits on data collection as a way around an impasse over regulating free speech. 

FTC warns of legal risks of failing on Log4j mitigation

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning this week urging companies to take "reasonable steps" to mitigate known software vulnerabilities or face potential legal consequences, recalling the $700 million settlement Equifax paid for a major breach in 2017.

Report: Legacy Equipment Puts Telehealth Consumers’ Data At Risk

Telehealth services have expanded exponentially over the course of the pandemic due in part to the Trump administration’s decision to relax enforcement of the industry’s privacy regulations.

Data Broker Sales To Law Enforcement Violate Fourth Amendment, Senator Argues

A Democratic senator promoted his pending privacy legislation as he spoke about the sales of American data to law enforcement agencies.

Senator Doubles Down On Data Privacy, Sends Letter to CFPB

Sen. Ron Wyden asked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to tighten its rules regarding data broker sales.

School Surveillance of Students Via Laptops May Do More Harm than Good

School laptop surveillance systems monitor students even when they’re not in school.

DHS Researching Public Perception of Facial Recognition and AI Use 

The Department of Homeland Security is collecting privacy concerns as critics fight to ban facial recognition outright.