Whistleblower alleges government coverup of UFO sightings, recovery efforts

Former intelligence official turned whistleblower David Grusch told lawmakers that the federal government has conducted “a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program” that has collected “non-human” remains.

Want to track pandemic relief spending? Data problems make that difficult, committee says

“These challenges limit the degree of transparency into the use of pandemic relief funds,” a new report from the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee says.

Records agency to DHS: Look into your watchdog’s use of text messages 

This comes after a hearing two weeks ago that raised concerns among some lawmakers about how the IG uses and retains records of electronic messages. 

DOD lacks performance targets, cybersecurity plans on some major IT programs, GAO says

The watchdog found that within the Defense Department’s 25 major IT business programs, more than half did not fully report whether they’d achieved intended targets.

Interior faces 'disturbing' cyber risks due to cracked passwords and vulnerable assets

Recent reports reveal the Department of Interior is not enforcing multifactor authentication for its high-value assets and has a range of other significant cybersecurity risks.

Unmonitored networks put US nuclear arsenal at risk, GAO finds

A Government Accountability Office report found that the Energy Department cannot effectively monitor potential insider threats to U.S. nuclear security because department staff “have not identified the total number of DOE’s stand-alone classified networks.”

GAO identifies new infosec deficiencies in IRS system controls

The watchdog's annual audit of the agency turned up new recommendations on system access controls and security configurations, alongside a limited release report and previous recommendations.

10 Vendors Receive Over Half of VA's IT Contracts, Drawing Lawmaker Concern

A Government Accountability Office representative told House lawmakers that Veterans Affairs’ IT obligations have been “increasingly concentrated with a small group of vendors.”

VA Lacks Goals to Assess Satisfaction With New EHR, Watchdog Finds

The report from the Government Accountability Office found that the absence of such goals has limited the agency’s ability to “objectively measure progress toward improving EHRM users’ satisfaction.”

Cost and Schedule Overruns Plague NASA's Electrified Flight Efforts, IG Finds

The agency’s Inspector General noted that, despite progress made in advancing electrified aircraft propulsion system technology, NASA is experiencing cost and scheduling challenges that it should address.

EEOC alerts employers to AI discrimination risks

The agency explains how existing civil rights protections apply to artificial intelligence applications in the workplace.

‘Continuing Significant Deficiencies’ Hamper VA’s Information Security Controls, Audit Finds

An audit released by the VA Office of Inspector General found that the department “needs to implement improved controls” to address persistent gaps in its information security program.

OSTP Only Tackled 1 of 8 High Risk Recommendations in Past Year, Watchdog Finds

The Office of Science and Technology Policy has seven high-risk open recommendations to address, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

Transportation Needs to Improve Cyber Policy Implementation, Watchdog Finds

The Department of Transportation should better implement its policies for established cyber roles, including improving training and role expectations, according to a recent GAO report.

2 Agencies Still Behind on Years-Old Legacy IT Recommendations, Watchdog Finds 

Despite some agencies making significant progress, the Transportation Department and the Office of Personnel Management have not fully implemented the watchdog’s prior recommendations.

NASA Still Lacks a Unified Definition of AI, Watchdog Finds

The agency has made progress on artificial intelligence management, but still has work to do to meet governmentwide requirements.