Lawmakers Demand Documents From Many Agencies on Jan. 6 Preparation and Response

Information will include how agencies deployed resources and potentially impeded the presidential transition.

IG: State Office of the Science and Tech Adviser Needs Stable Leadership and a Formal Strategy

The 10-year-old office has done good work, the inspector general found, but suffers from staff turnover and a lack of strategic vision.

IG: 5 Things USAID Needs to Do to Better Protect Personally Identifiable Information

A recent audit showed gaps remain in the agency’s policies despite progress over the last seven years.

FDIC’s Temporary Wi-Fi Network Tool Doesn’t Have Needed Security Authorizations

The program is in limbo while the tool awaits an ATO, prompting the inspector general’s office to express its “concerns.”

‘All the Signs Have Been There’ Predicting Afghan Security Force Collapse, IG Says

For more than a decade, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction has been warning about “ghost soldiers” and corruption to anyone willing to pay attention.

DOD IG Issues Guidance for Removing Sensitive Tech and Data from Afghanistan

Service members’ records were mishandled during previous contingency operations. The watchdog suggested learning from the past. 

State Department Still Struggling With 5-Year-Old Recommendations to Fix IT Management Issues

The agency is doing better about reporting through its internal system but six of seven outstanding issues remain a concern for the inspector general.

HHS’ ‘Frequent and Significant Changes’ to COVID Data Reporting Left Hospitals Behind

Multiple updates to the rules and avenues for reporting critical pandemic-related capacity information left hospitals confused, overwhelmed and unable to comply.

Watchdog: COVID-19 Spending Using OTAs Had Less Oversight, Transparency Than Usual

For example, of the $12.5 billion awarded using other transaction authorities, nearly 60% was funneled through a single consortium management company.

Agencies Are Making ‘Uneven’ Progress Meeting Evidence Act Mandates, GAO Says

Many federal managers reported having the necessary staff, skills and tools to collect and analyze performance data, but the results varied widely across government.

One A, One D in a Relatively Static FITARA Scorecard

Eighteen of 24 agencies received the same grade as in the previous FITARA scorecard.

Senate Banking Chair Asks CFPB How It Plans to Address Risks of Chime and Other Banking Apps

With an estimated 12 million customers, Chime is the largest in its highly competitive subcategory of financial technology companies that serve low- to moderate-income individuals.

EEOC Wants a Quality Check For Its Data and Automation Strategy

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s inspector general wants an independent third party to look over the agency’s Digital Process Transformation and Automation strategy.

CBP Cybersecurity Failures Left Travelers' Personal Info at Risk, IG Says

A new internal watchdog report finds Customs and Border Protection failed to conduct required cybersecurity activities for its Mobile Passport Control applications.

Bill Would Require Federal Agencies and Contractors to Report Cyber Intrusions Within 24 Hours

The bill leaves it up to an interagency rulemaking process to determine whether entities would be required to report incidents they’re aware of but not directly involved in.

GAO Issues Recommendations to White House Science and Tech Wing

This is the first time the Government Accountability Office has provided a priority recommendation letter to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.