Senate panel wants DHS to focus intel activities on foreign threats

The Senate version of the annual intelligence authorization bill, which passed out of committee last week, includes a warning to DHS' intelligence arm to distinguish more carefully between its foreign and domestic missions.

Tech can help, but clearance reciprocity is a policy issue

The backlog of security clearance investigations has continued to drop from a 2018 high of 725,000 to 200,000, but agencies continue to struggle with reciprocity issues.

White House stands down groups tackling SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange

The move comes days after the administration sanctioned Russia for its alleged role in the cyberattacks

ODNI plans recruitment ad campaign

Intelligence agencies are seeking STEM employees and a more diverse workforce.

IC: Foreign actors tried to affect U.S. election via influence campaigns, but not by hacking

The intelligence community's newly declassified report largely concludes Russia attempted to meddle in the U.S. election through influence operations but did not attempt the kinds of cyberattacks observed in 2016.

Krebs: More 'destructive,' 'brazen' attacks possible from Russia

The former CISA director's warning came during one of the first congressional hearings that largely focused on the SolarWinds Orion breach.

Warner, Rubio seek single top official for SolarWinds response

The two leaders of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence say the government's response to the hack so far has been "disjointed and disorganized."

Evanina resigns as counterintelligence chief

William Evanina, a career intelligence official, is stepping down from the post of director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.

Evanina: Number of known SolarWinds victims 'will continue to grow'

A top counterintelligence official today said the number of known federal agencies affected by the SolarWinds hack will likely to continue to rise beyond initial estimates.

White House task force says Russia likely to blame for SolarWinds hack

The Cyber Unified Coordination Group said in a statement on Tuesday that fewer than 10 government agencies have been "compromised by follow-on activity" on federal systems as a result of the hack.

GAO tracks diversity in the intelligence community

Although steps have been taken to address workforce diversity, a recent report underscored gaps in strategic planning among intelligence community elements.

DOJ's China hack indictments offer businesses key threat intel, officials say

A Justice Department official today disclosed that 1,000 Chinese researchers have been expelled from the country for hiding their affiliation with the Chinese military.

Intel and BYOD

The intelligence community is warming to the concept of bringing your own device to work -- except when it comes to highly classified work.

OMB tees up supply chain regs

The interim regulation sets down rules for excluding vendors from federal procurement if an interagency panel deems them untrustworthy.

IARPA pursues advanced radio eavesdropping defenses

The intelligence community's research arm wants to use smart radio tech to find elusive signals might signal efforts to tap remote transmissions.

Spy chief sees 2020 election security as 'number one goal'

Gen. Nakasone's remarks come as a group of former senior officials seek funds to counter the "extraordinary challenges" posed by coronavirus pandemic and foreign interference to state and local election administrators.

Clapper: Presidential transition 'will be OK'

Outgoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is focused on the upcoming presidential transition and future threats to the U.S.