Agency STEM workforces in decline, report finds

A new committee report details the dramatic decline in the STEM workforces of federal science agencies. Lawmakers talked ideas to rebuild the workforce at a hearing on Wednesday.

Longtime agency watchdog to head CIGIE

The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency elected the Inspector General of the National Science Foundation as its new chairperson.

Lawmakers look to retool NSF for tech

Competition with China is at the center of a bipartisan $110 billion plan to boost technology research and development by a dramatic reorganization of the National Science Foundation.

Can the U.S. compete in R&D?

Lawmakers and experts are worried about federal research funding, especially with Chinese national investments in AI, 5G, quantum and other emerging technologies.

RPA: 'It's entry-level AI'

How robotic process automation is helping automate tedious back-office processes at federal agencies.

White House plans spring release of AI research strategy

The strategy will be an updated version of a plan first released under the Obama administration.

Can cloud speed up scientific discovery?

A new project from the National Science Foundation looks at how cloud computing can support science and engineering research.

Quantum lag: Experts fret that the U.S. risks falling behind in computing power

Quantum computing could upend current cryptography standards, and experts are urging government to take an interest in the technology as it develops.

NSF CIO Amy Northcutt dies at 57

The longtime National Science Foundation executive was diagnosed with a brain tumor just nine days earlier.

White House backs $400M push for 5G research

The Advanced Wireless Research Initiative, led by NSF, will sow the seeds for next-generation wireless services in the U.S. by setting up research networks to experiment with applications.

Planning for cyber war in South Dakota

At a Senate field hearing, the message was that tomorrow's talent needs nurturing -- and more scholarship cash -- if America is going to reverse its shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

Map app, data gap and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.