Defense Logistics Agency Enlists ‘Citizen Developers’ to Grow its RPA Bot Army

The agency currently deploys 40 new bots a year—but has big plans to double that.

Robot With Bird Feet Can Perch and Grab

With feet and legs like a peregrine falcon, engineers have created a robot that can perch and carry objects like a bird.

Study: China Far Outpacing U.S. in Worldwide Robotics Patents

The U.S. is fourth in robotics patents, behind China, Japan and South Korea.

US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever

Its lessons will inform the Army’s next-gen-unmanned-vehicles plan to ask tech firms to deliver the brains and established firms to deliver the wheels.

Navy to Prototype Fish-Inspired, Autonomous Robots with ‘Self-Healing’ Parts

Officials identified the vendor they’re eyeing to prototype the futuristic vehicle component.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot Raises Serious Concerns – but Probably Not the Ones You Think

The Tesla Bot comes with a whole portfolio of risks that are hard to quantify and easy to overlook and yet inevitably end up tripping up innovators.

Rescue Robots Get a Speed Upgrade for Rough Terrain

A new planning algorithm helps robots figure out how to balance with hands and feet.

Lesson from a Robot Swarm: Change Group Behavior by Talking One-on-One Rather than Getting on a Soapbox

Persuading people one-on-one might be the best route to getting them to recognize better alternatives.

Fish Fins Are Teaching Us the Secret to Flexible Robots and New Shape-Changing Materials

Materials based on a segmented structure could be used in underwater propulsion and improve the agility and speed of fish-inspired submarines.

Military Robots Dig into New Underground Environments

Only a few organic creatures specifically designed for that environment are able to do it well.

AI Teaches a Robot How to Learn to Walk

The system allows legged robots to adapt to their environment by exploring and interacting with the world.

An Expert on Search and Rescue Robots Explains the Technologies Used in Disasters Like the Florida Condo Collapse

Such tech can be useful tools but can be cost-prohibitive for public safety agencies.

South Korea to Add Robots-on-Rails and AI Surveillance to DMZ Border

The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea will be getting new surveillance technologies in the coming months, Korean news outlets report.

The New Space Race Will Be Run by Robots

Given the risks of space travel versus the potential rewards, it seems like robots are better suited for this role than humans.

Exoskeleton Cloud One Day Boost Walking Speed of Older Adults

Being unable to walk quickly can be frustrating and problematic, but it is a common issue, especially as people age.

Army Explores Equipping Robots with Living Muscle Tissue

A scientist from the Army Research Lab gave a glimpse into its early work with biohybrid robotics.

Police Departments Experiment With 70-Pound Robot Dog

Departments have deployed the cyber K-9s in hostage situations and as part of the covid response. Proponents say the robots can help keep officers out of harm's way, while critics worry how they could be used without clear policy guidelines in place.