3D-Printed Guns Are Dangerous. Ammo Control Could Help

New ammunition regulations in California could make it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns to use the ones they have.

The Military Now Has Tooth Mics For Invisible, Hands-Free Radio Calls

The future of battlefield communications is resting comfortably near your back gums.

Pentagon Will Spend $2 Billion Developing Next-Generation AI

The massive investment comes as other global powers like China pour significant resources into their own programs.

Should Startups Ask For Permission or Beg For Forgiveness?

Hundreds of innovative businesses operate in legal grey areas.

Russia, U.S. Are In a Military Exoskeleton Race

A look at the Iron Man-like dreams and power-starved realities of dueling technology programs.

DHS Gives ‘Power Suit’ a Whole New Meaning

The agency wants first responders’ clothing to be able to generate and store electricity.

Austin, Texas, Just Became the U.S. Army’s Silicon Valley

The service is making a big bet that getting closer to tech startups will help deter future adversaries.

The Pentagon Wants AI to Take Over the Scientific Process

The project is part of DARPA’s newly launched Artificial Intelligence Exploration program, which aims to develop next-generation artificial intelligence applications.

Blockchain Could Help Bring Renewable Energy to the Power Grid, Experts Tell Congress

But lawmakers want to know how to stop cryptocurrency miners from overwhelming local utility companies.

Pilot-Optional Helicopters Could Be the Future of Fighting Wildfires

The Interior Department’s been working on a plan to expand its aerial firefighting efforts from daylight-only to a 24-hour cycle.

A Silicon Valley Startup is Giving Lithium-Ion Batteries a Much-Needed Silicon Boost

The tech needs to undergo a step change, and there are many startups currently trying to make it happen.

DARPA Wants to Make Underground Maps on the Fly

The agency is challenging teams to build systems that chart caves, tunnels and underground urban infrastructure.

The Pentagon's Startup Outreach Office is No Longer an Experiment

Officials renamed the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental to show the permanence of the program.

Google’s Larry Page Thinks We’ll Soon Be Soaring Over Traffic in These Cute Flying Cars He’s Building

For now, the Flyer is clearly a novelty, meant to appeal to the ambitions and pocketbooks of wealthy hobbyists.