We Need More Pentagon and Tech Industry Collaboration, Not Less

Now more than ever our country needs the government and private sector to partner to win the artificial intelligence race.

Microsoft Commits to Defense Work While Attempting to Soothe Employees

Microsoft firmly committed to supporting the U.S. military but could shift employees who have ethical concerns about some projects to other work.

Report Offers Options For Effectively Using Blockchain in Government

Blockchain is often seen as an over-hyped technology. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses.

Emerging Technologies Will Disrupt Government. Here’s What to Do About It.

Forward-thinking government leaders can follow these steps to stay ahead of the curve.

No Easy Fix for Silicon Valley Angst About Government Contracts

CBP’s acquisitions chief urges patience, understanding over protests against border contracts.

IARPA Wants to Identify Criminals From Their Skin Cells

The goal isn’t to replace DNA analysis but rather add another technology to forensic analysts’ toolbox.

GSA’s Tech Teams Increasingly Important to Administration’s Tech Priorities

18F and the Technology Transformation Services face a more certain future than just two years ago.

Program Pairing Governments and Startups Launches Latest Round

Participants in the Startup in Residence program are seeking solutions for about 80 “civic challenges.”

It’s Time for Agencies to Use and Commercialize Their Data, White House Official Says

"It gets my blood boiling to think we have all this data. We should be able to do more with it,” Margaret Weichert, the administration’s management chief, said.

Critical Update: How Marines Started 3D Printing Everything From Buckles to Barracks

Marines have a long history of MacGyver-ing what they need, but this unit has given them a 21st-century twist.

DHS Restructures Research Office to Meet Emerging Threats Head On

The new structure will also keep the office from working on projects that will never see the light of day.

How the U.S. Can Advance Artificial Intelligence Without Spending a Dime

Funding AI research is still critical, but experts say there are other things the government can do to speed up innovation.

How to Stop Technical Debt from Eating Your IT Budget

Before federal agencies can modernize, they need to figure out how to tackle the workarounds in old systems.

Better Data Management is Key to Denver’s Smart City Aspirations

The situational awareness dashboard at the city’s Traffic Operations Center is the first step in a grander plan.

U.S. Must Keep Artificial Intelligence Edge to Keep Security Threats in Check, Lawmakers Say

Without heavy investment in AI research, the government risks national security and economic implications, according to a congressional report.