5G-Focused Legislation Aims to Improve Security in Military Telecom Infrastructure

The DoD 5G Act would direct the launch of a Defense Secretary-led telecommunications security program.

Air Force Awards Anchore Phase II Contract to Advance DevSecOps

The company aims to further develop technology to scan containers for malware and viruses.

New Space Strategy Is Heavy on ‘Winning,’ Light on Details

The first major update in nine years set out more forceful goals, but leaves gaps.

Navy’s $7.7B IT Services Contract Clears Three Protests

The Navy’s massive NGEN IT management contract is full steam ahead four months after being awarded.

NSA Piloting Secure Domain Name System Service for Defense Contractors

The effort is meant to help small- and medium-sized companies get more bang for their cybersecurity buck.

3 Ways to Hire More Tech Talent

Want to hack a satellite? Come work for the Defense Department, one of its leading talent officials said.

Pentagon Wants to Scale Up Its Device Security Program

The Comply-to-Connect program ensures devices connecting to military networks have baseline security without needing to install endpoint management apps.

Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Increase Pentagon’s Artificial Intelligence Capacity

The bill would enable the Defense Department to ramp up hiring AI and cyber professionals.

Pentagon Starts Bailing Out Companies that Have Lost Business Due to Coronavirus

The Defense Department is sending millions of dollars to keep companies afloat, and more deals are expected.

Senate Committee Passes Defense Policy Bill with Tech Investments to Counter China

Lawmakers call for research into artificial intelligence, quantum computing and 5G networks to counter near-peer adversaries.

DOD, GSA to Rethink $8B DEOS Cloud Contract—Again

In the works since 2018, the Pentagon’s Defense Enterprise Office Solutions contract remains on hold.

Army Grounds Two Pilots Who Flew Low Over DC

Active duty soldiers in the nation’s capital will also be returning home.

DOD Officials, Cybersecurity Accreditation Partners Struggle with the China Question

Officials are also still hammering out conflict-of-interest issues, as watchdogs flag failures in Defense acquisition practices.

The Case for Using Commercial Tools to Allow Classified Telework

Programs like the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified could be a path to transmit classified information without specialized hardware.

Army Seeks Vendors for Another JEDI Contract

The U.S. Army wants to improve interoperability and data sharing among itself, NATO and other coalition partners.

New Air-Ops Software to Get 5G Test Outside Las Vegas

The Air Force will build a 5G network at Nellis AFB, the latest U.S. base to host experiments with the next-gen comms gear.