New CISA, NSA guidance highlights pain points in identity and security management

A public-private working panel recommends vendors invest more in security measures like multifactor authentication.

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Senators push for USPS identity proofing to thwart AI-generated deepfakes

The U.S. Postal Service already offers identity proofing services for some government agencies.

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$212B in suspicious activity reports to FinCENin 2021 concerned identity, officials report

Industry experts tied improved federal identity efforts to better security in financial and other private sector industries.

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Hawaii’s wildfires led to fast tracking federal identity tools for unemployment claims 

Hawaii is the second state after Arkansas to employ and U.S. Postal Service identity proofing options in its unemployment insurance system. 

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TSA proposes allowing federal acceptance of digital IDs while future requirements are crafted

The coming rulemaking would waive REAL ID Act requirements so that federal agencies can still accept mobile driver's licenses when the law’s implementation starts in 2025.

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GSA is looking for participants for its facial recognition study

Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Sonny Hashmi said the study will help determine how to move forward with

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Trade groups press White House to digitize forms of identification

Stronger digital identity solutions would curb future cyber attacks driven by identity and make stolen personal data less valuable, a coalition of 10 trade groups writes in a new letter.


Interior faces 'disturbing' cyber risks due to cracked passwords and vulnerable assets

Recent reports reveal the Department of Interior is not enforcing multifactor authentication for its high-value assets and has a range of other significant cybersecurity risks.


State-Sponsored Actors Leading Cause of Cyber Concern in Public Sector

A new SolarWinds report details how foreign hackers have become the largest concern among government entities, and how zero-trust strategies have become the most popular defense.


DOD's Zero Trust Initiative is an Unique 'Unity of Effort,' Air Force CIO Says

The Air Force—along with the Pentagon—is also crafting guidance around the safe use of generative artificial intelligence tools and technologies, such as ChatGPT.

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GSA Makes a Case for on Capitol Hill After Scathing Report

General Services Administration officials addressed allegations that the agency misrepresented identity proofing standards of at a hearing Wednesday, as lawmakers pondered the potential for fraudsters in the system.


IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.


CISA Tells Agencies What to Prioritize to Meet Cybersecurity Log Mandate

The guidance document also explains how CISA and the FBI will work with agencies to investigate cybersecurity incidents.


TMF Invests Over $40M to Improve Cybersecurity and Digital Services

The Technology Modernization Fund’s most recent investments will go to the Social Security Administration, the Treasury Department and the U.S. Agency for Global Media.


Zero Trust Presents 'Doable' Cybersecurity Goals, State Department's CIO Says 

To shore up its cyber defenses, State is identifying potential vulnerabilities across its many disparate systems and working to boost its use of multifactor authentication.

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Watchdog: Most Agencies Behind on Personal Data Disclosure Guidance

The Government Accountability Office found that only one out of 17 agencies implemented guidance from the Office of Management and Budget.


GAO Highlights Interoperability Challenges With Zero Trust

A cybersecurity specialist from the watchdog is ready to dive into related policy implications, but says work on agencies’ implementation is the more immediate concern.


Zero Trust Doesn’t Come in a Box

Three no-nonsense tips to simplify the zero trust journey for federal agencies.


Critical Update: Safeguarding Data From Outside Intrusion

The VA is in the process of implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity model to better secure veterans’ sensitive personal data.