Planned Login-dot-gov Deployment at IRS is Postponed

The decision comes after concerns about implementing the sign-on service during tax season.

IRS Plans to Approve Use of Login-dot-gov as Tax Day Nears

The tax agency intends to add Login this filing season—and as early as next week—as the integration is in final rounds of testing.

GSA Officials Misled Agencies About Login-dot-gov

The agency’s inspector general blasted GSA officials for claiming that its identity proofing website met NIST guidelines for biometric comparison, charging millions for it, when it did not.

CISA Tells Agencies What to Prioritize to Meet Cybersecurity Log Mandate

The guidance document also explains how CISA and the FBI will work with agencies to investigate cybersecurity incidents.

TMF Invests Over $40M to Improve Cybersecurity and Digital Services

The Technology Modernization Fund’s most recent investments will go to the Social Security Administration, the Treasury Department and the U.S. Agency for Global Media.

Zero Trust Presents 'Doable' Cybersecurity Goals, State Department's CIO Says 

To shore up its cyber defenses, State is identifying potential vulnerabilities across its many disparate systems and working to boost its use of multifactor authentication.

2022 Year in Review: The Interviews

Five of our favorite recorded interviews from the year.

Watchdog: Most Agencies Behind on Personal Data Disclosure Guidance

The Government Accountability Office found that only one out of 17 agencies implemented guidance from the Office of Management and Budget.

GAO Highlights Interoperability Challenges With Zero Trust

A cybersecurity specialist from the watchdog is ready to dive into related policy implications, but says work on agencies’ implementation is the more immediate concern.

Zero Trust Doesn’t Come in a Box

Three no-nonsense tips to simplify the zero trust journey for federal agencies.

Critical Update: Safeguarding Data From Outside Intrusion

The VA is in the process of implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity model to better secure veterans’ sensitive personal data.

Secret Service’s Zero Trust Plan Must Account for OMB Guidance, Watchdog Says

The Secret Service’s plan for adopting a zero trust architecture model across the agency’s systems has not been updated since the Office of Management and Budget released new guidance in January.

High-Tech Financial Crimes Warrant Coordinated Digital Identity Efforts, FinCEN Warns

Leaders at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network noted that stronger authentication measures are critical and spurred by emerging technologies.

FTC's Tech and Cyber Modernization Sees Success and Ongoing Challenges

The agency’s report indicated that the Federal Trade Commission was on track and making progress towards most of its tech-related goals, while offering a plan for future goals.

OMB Memo Places Zero Trust at the Top of Civilian Agency Priorities

The memorandum sets up budget expectations for previously established cyber goals.

Report: Government Implementing Zero Trust Architecture Faster than Corporations

Government’s speedy zero trust implementation is noteworthy for an institution that is “not usually ahead of the curve,” according to a report.