More Agencies, New Focus Areas Coming to GSA’s Centers of Excellence This Year

Officials at the fore of the administration’s Centers of Excellence IT modernization program break down the major changes coming this year.

Here's What the HUD CIO Expects From the Centers of Excellence

One possible change is standing up a sixth center, David Chow said.

GSA Picks Second Agency to Get Centers of Excellence Support

The next agency will focus on IT and modernization for business processes and accounting.

First Modernization Fund Winners Offer Cheat Sheet for Future Pitches

The first three awardees of the Technology Modernization Fund offer a window into the kinds of projects and pitches the board is looking for.

HUD CIO Abruptly Resigns

Amid allegations of corruption, HUD CIO Johnson Joy has resigned.

GAO: HUD's Legacy Tech Hogs 95% of IT Budget While Agency Struggles to Price Upgrades

“Significant weaknesses” plague the agency's cost-estimating practices for investments aimed to revamp IT infrastructure.

Watchdog Questions HUD’s ‘Inconsistent’ IT Dashboard Data

Agency officials are still manually uploading information about the agency’s eight major IT projects to the IT Dashboard.

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