FTC Announces New Chief Technology Officer and Public Affairs Director

The agency’s acting CTO was appointed to the permanent position, after a year of working in an acting capacity.

Whistleblower Explains How Twitter Easily Skirted FTC’s Data Security Enforcement

The former public official—and legendary hacker’s—decision to expose what he described as a disastrous security environment at the company has prompted an unlikely alliance in Congress.

FTC Debates Whether Data Privacy Concerns Warrant Market Wide Rules

A Thursday hearing on the matter featured both industry and consumer advocate perspectives on the best regulatory approach.

FTC Sues Location Data Collector, Alleging Lax Security

The Federal Trade Commission is going after data broker Kochava over its practice of selling “sensitive geolocation data.”

FTC's Tech and Cyber Modernization Sees Success and Ongoing Challenges

The agency’s report indicated that the Federal Trade Commission was on track and making progress towards most of its tech-related goals, while offering a plan for future goals.

FTC Considering New Data Privacy Regulations That Go Beyond Asking Users for Consent

Commissioners are split on whether new regulations—and even the act of gathering information on a proposed new regulation—is the right way forward.

FTC Contemplates Rules to Protect Against Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Privacy

The Commission voted Thursday to issue a notice of their proposed rulemaking and solicit public comment.

Senators Call on FTC to Investigate TikTok

Recent reports suggest the People’s Republic of China can access the data of U.S. citizens.

TMF Announces $95 Million in New Funding Focused on Security and Networks

The Technology Modernization Fund is announcing a new set of investments to help three agencies meet White House cybersecurity objectives.

AI is ‘No Magical Shortcut’ FTC Says in Fighting Disinformation Online

The Federal Trade Commission sent a report to Congress detailing limitations artificial intelligence has in regulating disinformation and harmful online content.

FTC Fines Twitter For ‘Deceptive’ User Data Sharing

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on the social media company before, and now demands $150 million in penalty fees for sharing user information.

Federal Trade Commissioner Sworn in, Giving Dems Voting Majority

Privacy expert Alvaro Bedoya’s new term will run through Sept. 25, 2026.

Agencies Need More Tech Expertise to Support Future Data Privacy Legislation

California Rep. Zoe Lofgren said her proposed bill to govern data privacy standards will require expert judgements by regulatory agencies.

House Bill Would Create FTC Bureau to Oversee Online Platforms

The bill takes a different route to big tech oversight than other legislation.

Democratic Lawmakers Take Aim at Discriminatory Private Sector Algorithms

The Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2022 would require companies that use algorithms in select business operations to report on how they work and what data they use. 

Democratic Lawmakers Call for Ban of Surveillance Advertising

Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Anna Eshoo asked the Federal Trade Commission to consider prohibiting targeted advertising through personal user data.