Federal procurement is poised for reform—here's what to keep in mind

Increased collaboration between the private and public sectors will help all parties involved understand how best to modernize government systems while minimizing potential disruptions to critical operations.

The present and future of FedRAMP

The acting director of the General Services Administration's Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) said his team is focusing on a future of automation.

Corrected: FedRAMP Bill Includes Transparency Provisions for New Advisory Council

The legislation would create a public-private advisory council that would be subject to most of the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Watchdog Security Reviews Not Guaranteed in FedRAMP Revamp

Legislation recently clearing a key Senate committee stops short of requiring the Government Accountability Office to review vendors’ encryption practices and supply chains.

What’s next for FedRAMP?

Over the last 18 months, as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed agency networks to the brink, FedRAMP’s role in ensuring secure federal IT systems has become more critical than ever.

Senate inches closer to FedRAMP legislation

Senators expressed concerns over potential conflicts of interest, high costs and inconsistent review processes during a roundtable meeting with federal officials and IT experts overseeing the General Service Administration’s cloud security authorization program.

Leveraging OSCAL for FedRAMP authorizations

An automated FedRAMP review process will speed up authorizations, drive continuous improvement and put cloud service providers in the driver's seat.

How to fund security and modernize at the same time

FedRAMP's standards go a long way toward the security goals the White House just set -- but smaller firms must be able to afford the authorization process.

Government needs a massive investment in FedRAMP

A well-funded shared service could relieve an authorization bottleneck and bring essential cloud services to the government market.

House passes FedRAMP bill

The House today passed a bill aimed at standardizing the processes federal agencies use to onboard cloud computing technologies.

CMMC reciprocity guidelines are still a work in progress

The Defense Department is hoping to begin rolling its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program later this year, but questions remain about how reciprocity with FedRAMP will be handled.

Secure and rapid modernization takes innovation from all sides

As the past few months have shown, close collaboration and aggressive sharing of lessons learned can pay big dividends.

GAO plans review of telework tech

The congressional watchdog plans to examine agency lessons learned from the rapid rollout of telework tools as part of pandemic response.

Report: FedRAMP must evolve to meet demand, emerging tech

A new report lays out where FedRAMP has gone wrong – and what can be done to fix it.

Farm credit agency looks to cloud

The small independent agricultural loan regulator wants to go all-in on cloud-based financial reporting.

State looks to the cloud for building management services

The State Department's building administration agency is investigating software-as-a-service solutions for its site managers as an alternative to an existing shared services platform.