Critical Infrastructure

Biden Infrastructure Plan Includes Billions for Federal Buildings and Research

The American Jobs Plan proposes spending a small chunk of the $2 trillion on improving federal office buildings and hospitals.

Gallup: Americans’ Anxiety About Energy Prices, Supply Sharply Rises

In the organization’s latest poll, 73% of those surveyed say they worry a “great deal/fair amount” about the availability and affordability of energy.

Buttigieg Underscores Urgency of Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Republican lawmakers are skeptical of the scope of the Biden administration’s planned infrastructure package, which the president is expected to provide more details on next week.

Energy Launches Supply Chain Program As Watchdog Called for More Action 

The Energy Department has been focused on securing the generation and transmission of power, but distribution processes are also increasingly vulnerable.

What Trump Got Wrong About Protecting GPS Users and America

The Global Positioning System has become the world’s most widely used tech utility.

At South by Southwest, DOT’s ‘Secretary Pete’ Points To Federal IT Priorities

He’d like to help make the 2020s ‘a turning point in the story of American transportation.’

America’s Drinking Water Is Surprisingly Easy to Poison

The experts say the sorts of rudimentary vulnerabilities revealed in the breach are common among America’s 151,000 public water systems.

Commercial Cloud Outages Are a Wake-Up Call

As cloud computing’s versatility gives it the potential to become the easily identifiable “central nodes” of America’s economy, these policies are needed to ensure resilience.

White House Is Developing a Plan to Secure Industrial Control Systems

An upcoming executive order in response to the hacking campaign that involved SolarWinds will include standards to improve software transparency.

The Need for Internet Interstate Infrastructure

The U.S. needs a digital infrastructure plan today in much the same way that it required a physical infrastructure plan in the 1950s.

CISA, FBI Share Recommendations After Water Treatment Hack 

The agencies say updating to the latest operating system is important, even if it wasn’t a factor in this particular incident.

Hack of Florida Water Treatment Plant Should Be a Wake-Up Call, Experts Say

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency should be involved every step of the way, a former presidential adviser said.  

Presidential Advisers Make the Case for a New Cybersecurity Center for Sharing Threats

Current federal efforts to help mitigate threats against privately operated critical infrastructure fall short, according to a National Infrastructure Advisory Council report.

Experts Call for Government to Designate Commercial Space Sector as Critical Infrastructure

The federal government currently deems 16 sectors as critical infrastructure sectors because of their importance.

Lawmakers Want Data to Decide the Future of America’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

New legislation would launch a $10 million grant program to set the scene for what’s to come on the EV-use landscape. 

To Improve Safety of Defense Networks, Eighty-Six Dot1x

The protocol creates the false sense of security that all devices are being screened, even if minimally, for security when in fact they are not.