Critical Infrastructure

Energy Looks to Quantum Sensors for Grid Optimization

Quantum sensors can modernize the U.S. electrical grid through on-site technology with the long-term aim of supporting climate resilience.

New Cyber Reports Will Show the Value of CISA Budget Investments, Director Says

Cyber incident reports will be shared with the agency under the soon-to-be implemented requirements of the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act.

Lawmakers Warn of Cyber Threat Posed by Beijing, Moscow to Energy Sector

Enhancing collaboration and information sharing with industry partners can help mitigate threats, but concerns remain about the extent to which foreign-made equipment is embedded within the U.S. electric grid.

Quantum Sensing Has ‘Critical’ Potential for Electrical Grid, Official Says

Quantum information technologies could be applied to the electrical grid for security and sustainability improvements.

White House Tech Council Launches Cyber-Physical Resilience Working Group

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology aims to use the initiative to improve resilience within the nation’s digital networks.

CISA Launches Ransomware Warning Pilot for Critical Infrastructure

The new pilot program will enable “timely risk reduction” by alerting critical infrastructure owners and operators of vulnerabilities within their systems that are susceptible to ransomware attacks.

EPA Releases Water Systems Cyber Requirement in Tandem with National Strategy

The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled new cybersecurity guidelines to help states evaluate their water sanitation systems’ defenses.

Report Spotlights Medical Infrastructure, Utilities as Primary Cyber Targets

A report from TransUnion documented the industries that most suffered from cyberattacks in the end of 2022, and recommended mitigation measures.

New National Cyber Strategy Asks 'More' from Industry and Government

The new National Cyber Security Strategy focuses on more international partnerships, enhanced baseline regulations and stronger cyberthreat policing.

A CISA Test Hack Offers Warnings for Critical Infrastructure Organizations

A CISA red team simulated a malicious cyberattack on a critical infrastructure organization to test security measures and give recommendations to other entities.

Energy Provides $48M Toward Electric Grid Modernization Projects

The projects will be managed by Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E.

White House Committee Advocates Collaboration, Consensus in Cybersecurity Standards

The fourth installment of cybersecurity recommendations from the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee advocates more blanket requirements to strengthen the nation's cybersecurity posture.

House Dems Call for Info on Racially-Motivated Cyber Attacks

Several House lawmakers tasked DHS and CISA with providing information on “racially- or ethnically- motivated” violent attacks on the U.S. electrical sector.

GAO's Critical Infrastructure Cyber Recommendations Go Largely Unaddressed

A new watchdog review found that federal agencies overseeing critical infrastructure have only implemented 43% of recommendations made since 2010.

Next Clean Energy Cyber Cohort Will Focus on Identifying Rogue Assets

The Energy Department’s Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator matches innovators in critical infrastructure cybersecurity with industry experts and a high-tech testbed.

TSA Considers Using Third-Party Assessors in Coming Pipeline Regulations

The agency is exercising its authority to regulate pipelines and railways after issuing a series of short-term emergency security directives.

Big Tech Tells CISA to Exempt Third-Party Providers from Incident Reporting Rule

Major industry groups clashed on how CISA should define key terms in its rulemaking process to implement the federal incident reporting law.