Critical Infrastructure

DHS Chief Appears to Back Status Quo Approach for Securing Critical Infrastructure

The Biden administration is looking to Congress for help with ‘filling gaps in statutory authorities’ for improving U.S. cybersecurity.

How Federal Agencies are Using Innovative Tech to Protect Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Officials from CISA and DARPA spoke about their initiatives to support cybersecurity operations across critical infrastructure networks.

CISA Leaning Toward Lower Threshold for Mandatory Cyber Incident Reporting

The agency has started to receive feedback from some key stakeholders for its rulemaking process on the issue.

CISA Sets Voluntary Cyber Performance Targets for Critical Infrastructure

A new set of documents and resources from the agency is designed to help critical infrastructure operators manage the basics of cybersecurity.

CISA to Focus on Water, Education and Health Sectors Over the Next Year 

The agency contributed to the release of security requirements for the transportation sector this week and is expected to issue cross-sector performance goals for critical infrastructure companies’ voluntary adoption next week.

4 Critical Infrastructure Sectors to Get New Cyber Rules, Per White House Official

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech said it should be up to sector-specific agencies to decide who should  implement appropriate cybersecurity defenses.

Why CISA Won’t Release ‘Public’ Comments on Upcoming Performance Goals

CISA officials often stress their non-regulatory role, but Congress keeps trying to give the agency regulatory responsibilities.

CISA Announces DC Event for Public Input on Incident Reporting Regulations

The effort aims to give officials a greater understanding of cyber threats and the ability to defend U.S. critical infrastructure against cascading impacts when attacks occur.

Federal Cyber Mandates for Water Infrastructure Are Too Costly to Implement, Experts Say

A House hearing saw expert testimony emphasizing the need for steady funding to cybersecurity programs in water utility providers—especially in rural regions. 

CISA Plans to Measure the Effect of Coming Standards on Industry’s Cybersecurity

But big companies want to avoid agencies’ use of related performance goals in new regulation.

U.S. Sanctions Iran—Under New Treasury Rules—for Attack on Albania

The new rules elaborate on what kinds of cyber activities warrant sanctions designation.

DHS Report Offers Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Measures for Critical Infrastructure

The report uses approaches for safeguarding the National Public Warning System as a blueprint for defending other vital systems and services from electromagnetic pulses.

White House Attributes Attack on Albania’s Critical Infrastructure to Iran 

A statement from the National Security Council noted the potential for deviations from international norms to escalate conflict and promised accountability.

Energy is Looking for Input on $10 Billion Electric Grid Overhaul

A pillar in the Biden Administration agenda, the electrical grid modernization aims to increase clean energy sources and grid reliability.

CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure to Prepare for Mass Post-Quantum Systems Migration

Quantum computing is the latest frontier in technological innovation, and its hacking potential has regulators advising companies to begin to safeguard their networks. 

Chemical Sector Next in Line for White House Plan to Incentivize Cybersecurity

Operators of chemical facilities will follow those of electric utilities, gas pipelines and water treatment plants in being asked to facilitate visibility into their systems.

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure to Get a $45M Funding Infusion

The Department of Energy’s investment will help to fund 15 research projects to protect critical energy infrastructure.