Critical Infrastructure

White House Attributes Attack on Albania’s Critical Infrastructure to Iran 

A statement from the National Security Council noted the potential for deviations from international norms to escalate conflict and promised accountability.

Energy is Looking for Input on $10 Billion Electric Grid Overhaul

A pillar in the Biden Administration agenda, the electrical grid modernization aims to increase clean energy sources and grid reliability.

CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure to Prepare for Mass Post-Quantum Systems Migration

Quantum computing is the latest frontier in technological innovation, and its hacking potential has regulators advising companies to begin to safeguard their networks. 

Chemical Sector Next in Line for White House Plan to Incentivize Cybersecurity

Operators of chemical facilities will follow those of electric utilities, gas pipelines and water treatment plants in being asked to facilitate visibility into their systems.

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure to Get a $45M Funding Infusion

The Department of Energy’s investment will help to fund 15 research projects to protect critical energy infrastructure.

Traditional Cybersecurity is no Longer Enough to Protect Critical Infrastructure Networks

The previous gold standard of air gapping digital and physical systems isn't feasible.

Bipartisan Bill Aims to Use Grants to Increase Drone Usage For Infrastructure Assessment

The legislation would authorize grants to use American drones for infrastructure assessment and maintenance as well as for workforce training and education.

Banking Groups Urge Senators to Reject NDAA Provision as Harmful to Cybersecurity

The provision for identifying “systemically important entities” included in the House-passed NDAA could still hitch a ride on the massive defense bill when it’s called to the floor in the upper chamber.

Security Alerts: Not All Vulnerabilities Are Created Equal

For industries without a heavy IT expertise, responding to the myriad vulnerability advisories released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is a daunting task.

White House Official: EPA to Issue Cybersecurity Rule for Water Facilities

As the U.S. pursues collaboration with international allies, the official noted lagging cybersecurity policies for domestic critical infrastructure. 

DHS Convenes Regulators, Law Enforcement Agencies on Cyber Incident Reporting

The Department of Homeland Security started the clock on a report to Congress for streamlining requirements, amid industry dissatisfaction with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s pending reporting regime.

Ransomware Hackers Will Still Target Smaller Critical Infrastructure, CISA Director Warns

CISA Executive Director Brandon Wales discussed how ransomware actors target companies of all sizes, and how CISA wants organizations to prevent zero-day events.

Official: White House to Meet with Rail Industry Before Issuing Cybersecurity Rules

The meeting comes as the Office of the National Cyber Director prepares a more comprehensive approach to securing privately owned and operated critical infrastructure.

DC-QNet Research Will Work to Develop Quantum Network Infrastructure

The inaugural quantum research consortium will focus on strengthening telecommunications infrastructure as quantum computing continues to advance.

National Cyber Director: Mandates Coming to Secure Commercial Information Technology

An event hosted by the leading trade association for major tech vendors highlighted what has so far been an impasse between government and industry on cybersecurity policy.

Water Sector Leaders Seek Increased EPA Cybersecurity Collaboration and Guidance

Experts from the water and wastewater sectors called on the Environmental Protection Agency to take action on recommendations from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission to bolster cybersecurity for America's water infrastructure.

CISA Points to Water Sector in Seeking $80 Million More for FEMA Grants

CISA and FEMA are currently rolling out the first of $1 billion the Homeland Security agencies got in Rescue Act funding to help state and local entities improve their cybersecurity.