Critical Infrastructure

Watchdog: CISA Needs to Update Plans to Protect Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report on dam security found a lack of coordination among agency teams.

CISA Brings in Former Obama Official as Chief of Staff

Agency leadership stressed Kiersten Todt’s experience working with the private sector.

NIST Updates Cyber Resiliency Guide to Account for Increasingly Sophisticated Threats

Public feedback on the more than 200-page document will be considered in the near future.

How the Energy Department Can Improve Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

The Energy Department has an obligation to protect both public and private energy interests on critical infrastructure.

White House Asks CISA, NIST to Set Performance Goals for Critical Infrastructure Operators

The initiative will not result in mandatory measures for the private sector, but the administration hopes to signal its commitment to cybersecurity and maybe get a little help from Congress on that front.

TSA, Transportation Officials Give Insight into New Cybersecurity Mandates for Pipeline Operators

Agency leaders expressed a commitment to avoiding duplication of their efforts as lines blur between cyber and physical security.

Energy Updates Assessment Tool for Administration’s 100-Day Cybersecurity Sprint

The update comes as lawmakers jostle for jurisdiction over cybersecurity across multiple critical infrastructure sectors with a slew of bills advancing in both chambers of Congress.

Senators Promote Cybersecurity Measures in Core Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Congressional leaders of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission stressed a need to focus specifically on water treatment systems.

TSA’s New Cybersecurity Rules for Pipelines to Be Kept on Need-to-Know Basis 

The details of a second set of security regulations will not be released publicly. 

U.S., Russian Officials to Meet Following Kaseya Ransomware Attack

President Joe Biden also plans to meet with U.S. officials on measures to address ransomware.

CISA Starts Cataloging Bad Practices in Cybersecurity

The agency plans to keep updating the narrow list based on feedback from cybersecurity professionals.

National Lab Recommends Energy Department Test Electric Utility Vendors for Cybersecurity

A broad spectrum of organizations are calling on regulators to improve suppliers instead of simply banning foreign companies.

White House Official Briefed State AGs on Private-Sector Role Battling Ransomware

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech emphasized the responsibility of the private sector at home as President Biden prepares to work the White House strategy abroad.