Critical Infrastructure

White House Strategy Names 20 Emerging Technologies Crucial to National Security

As part of the strategy, the administration is encouraging government agencies to research, develop and buy more emerging technologies.

House Passes Bills to Boost Emerging Tech and Shore Up Cybersecurity of Electric Sector

Lawmakers are calling for significant research and development efforts.

FERC Asks Energy Sector to Report Huawei, ZTE Usage

Amid fears over having to replace equipment, Energy official noted no set timeline for implementing next steps on a related executive order.

CISA Data Shows Federal Civilian Agencies Faster Than Industry at Patching

The nation’s risk adviser continues to expand its role in what it’s dubbed the year of vulnerability management.

What the U.S. Needs to Do to Secure Election 2020

Concerns extend far beyond safeguarding insecure voting machines and questions about voting by mail.

Justice Official Explains Why Law Enforcement is Worried about 5G

As the government works to deploy next generation networking technology, policy discussions highlight rifts between agency stakeholders.

Energy Offers Advanced Computing Resources to Solve Domestic Manufacturing Challenges

The agency launched a new opportunity for industry and academic partners to tap into its top tech tools.

Citing Cyber Threats, Trump Orders Ban on Buying Energy Sector Equipment from Foreign Adversaries

Some stakeholders say Commerce Department rules to implement a similar order about telecommunications equipment from last May are “impossible” to comply with.   

CISA’s Coming Supply Chain Guidance to Align with Pentagon’s Vendor Certification Program 

Accreditation officials also pledged to address how the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program will treat FedRAMP and other certifications.

Energy Department Considers New Partnership to Bring Star Power to Earth

The federal government wants to put money directly in industry’s hands to bring the concept of fusion reactors from sci-fi to reality.

DARPA Project Producing Tool to Help Anticipate Military and Industrial Systems’ Cyber Threats 

The VERDICT tool aims to allow systems engineers to assess cybersecurity even without deep expertise. 

New Leader of IT Sector Coordinating Council Wants Alignment on Key CISA Initiative

The new chairman of the Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council aims to be more involved in the agency’s work to protect industrial control systems.

Federal Regulators: Should Energy Companies Be Allowed to Use Cloud for Power Delivery?

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission needs to understand the risks involved before enabling power companies to adopt cloud technologies.

Government-Run Energy Company Keeps Reeling in the Same Employees in Phishing Training

The Tennessee Valley Authority has a good initial phishing training program in place but lacks real consequences for those that fail.

CISA Shares Details About Ransomware that Shut Down Pipeline Operator

One cybersecurity firm links the incident to a December attack on the Coast Guard.

Federal Contracts to Require Secure Timing and Navigation Under Executive Order

Key stakeholder says the president’s edict is insufficient and likely to cause confusion over the role of various departments.

Union Leader Says Utilities Not Incentivized to Report Cyber Incidents or Implement Protections

FERC’s recently “expanded” reporting requirements leave it up to entities to decide on qualifying events.