Critical Infrastructure

Senators Promote Cybersecurity Measures in Core Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Congressional leaders of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission stressed a need to focus specifically on water treatment systems.

TSA’s New Cybersecurity Rules for Pipelines to Be Kept on Need-to-Know Basis 

The details of a second set of security regulations will not be released publicly. 

U.S., Russian Officials to Meet Following Kaseya Ransomware Attack

President Joe Biden also plans to meet with U.S. officials on measures to address ransomware.

CISA Starts Cataloging Bad Practices in Cybersecurity

The agency plans to keep updating the narrow list based on feedback from cybersecurity professionals.

National Lab Recommends Energy Department Test Electric Utility Vendors for Cybersecurity

A broad spectrum of organizations are calling on regulators to improve suppliers instead of simply banning foreign companies.

White House Official Briefed State AGs on Private-Sector Role Battling Ransomware

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech emphasized the responsibility of the private sector at home as President Biden prepares to work the White House strategy abroad.

Colonial Pipeline CEO: Cybersecurity Mandates From TSA Might Help

Hackers breached the company after gaining access to a virtual private network not protected by multifactor authentication.

Pipeline Companies Have One Week to Identify Cybersecurity Coordinators Under TSA Directive

The directive now mandates incident reporting and reviews described in the administration’s voluntary guidelines for the sector.

White House Advisers Consider Workforce Requirements for Critical Infrastructure Providers

The National Security Council asked the private-sector led National Infrastructure Advisory Council to focus a critical-infrastructure workforce study on cybersecurity and to speed delivery of its recommendations.

House Panel Passes Bill to Explore Bringing State and Local Cybersecurity Workers into CISA

The Homeland Security Committee cleared several bills to address cybersecurity following the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

The Cybersecurity Executive Order Is a Missed Opportunity

This executive order is designed to strengthen federal cybersecurity, not that of the private sector, including critical infrastructure providers.

Pipeline Security Act Reintroduced in House

More than a dozen lawmakers have cosponsored the legislation following the Colonial Pipeline attack.

Army’s Cybersecurity ‘Greatly Concerns’ Wormuth After Pipeline Attack

Biden’s Army Secretary nominee told the Senate she’d fight deep troop cuts and support long-range fires and new measures against sexual crimes and extremism, if confirmed.

Federal Agencies Say ‘No Evidence’ Hackers Affected Colonial’s Operational Technology 

A leading GOP lawmaker is pressuring CISA to release data on the agency’s pipeline cybersecurity initiative.