Critical Infrastructure

Six States to Craft Election Security Plans Through National Academy

The National Governors Association-sponsored policy academy will help officials from Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada and Virginia devise communications and response plans to deploy if their election systems come under attack.

Nuclear Energy Regulators Need to Bring on More Cyber Experts, Watchdog Says

Cyberattacks on nuclear power stations on the rise, and an aging workforce may soon leave the government struggling to defend plants against the latest threats.

Bill Aims to Streamline Approval for Critical 5G Infrastructure

Senators reintroduced legislation to accelerate the deployment of small cells, which help power 5G networks.

Agriculture Announces $858M to Upgrade Rural Electric Systems

The department aims to enhance electric reliability for rural communities and finance new smart grid technologies.

Report: Smart Transportation Systems Pose ‘Profound’ Privacy Risks

Governments are collecting lots of data on the people using roads, trains and buses, and without proper oversight, that information could easily be misused.

Federal Infrastructure Funding is Good, but Local Governments Want Flexibility Too

Accessing federal funds for infrastructure projects is much too difficult, county leaders say. With reauthorization of the FAST Act on the table, they want a bigger say in how money can be spent.

Lawmakers Want to Fund Cyber Upgrades for State and Local Governments

A bill introduced Monday would create a federal grant program for cash-strapped states that want to bolster their digital defenses.

DHS Invests $5.9 Million into Cyber Training Tool for Energy Sector

The project will expand a strategic decision-making and communication exercise tool developed for the finance sector to the energy sector.  

How the Energy Department is Prioritizing Secure Infrastructure

The budding Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response aims to deflect cyber, manmade and natural security hazards.

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Agriculture Invests $122 Million in Rural Electric Infrastructure

More than 6,200 customers over five states will benefit and part of the funds will go to smart grid tech.

Trump Administration Releases Rural Broadband Strategy

Officials estimate that 24 million people in the United States can't get broadband internet service. Eighty percent of those people live in rural areas.

Former Official: Throwing More Bodies Into Cybersecurity Won’t Help

In fact, the focus on the cybersecurity workforce gap is leading to more insecurity and the need for more workforce, says a former FBI and intelligence official.

A Mission Assurance Strategy Built for 2020 (and Beyond)

Our connected reality presents massive challenges to military and commercial entities working to safeguard networks from growing threats.

DHS Cyber Chief Explains Issuing Emergency Directive During Shutdown

CISA Director Chris Krebs says “an urgent response was required” despite a large swath of the government shut down due to a lapse in appropriations.

Shutdown Could Damage Homeland Security for ‘Months, if Not Years,’ Says Ex-DHS Chief

Efforts to strengthen the country’s cyber posture have come to a halt, and if a crisis were to strike, there wouldn’t be enough people to respond, former agency officials said.

Senators to WMATA: How Will You Keep Next-Gen Metro Cars Safe from Foreign Tampering?

Four D.C.-area lawmakers are asking WMATA leaders to take supply chain and cybersecurity issues into account when buying the next series of Metro cars.