CISA Seeks Public Feedback on TIC 3.0 Cloud Use Case

Trusted Internet Connections use cases provide guidance on secure implementations of specific platforms, services and environments.

Credit Rating Agency: New EU Laws Will Improve Firms’ Cyber Resilience Globally 

The Digital Operational Resilience Act would force non-EU companies with a significant presence in member states to create subsidiaries that can be regulated under their jurisdiction. 

General Dynamics' $11B DOD 'Fourth Estate' IT Protest Denied

Barring more action, this lets Leidos proceed on its work for the 10-year Defense Enclave Services award and consolidate IT systems for 22 DOD agencies.

GDIT Snags $120 Million Contract to Modernize Student Aid Processing System

The Federal Student Aid Processing System supports more than 10 million students.

Teresa Carlson returns to Microsoft

She rejoins the company nearly 12 years on from her last stint there.

Interior Issues Draft Cloud RFP Valued at up to $1B

The Interior Department’s next cloud contract appears to be a big one.

The Federal Government Must Overcome 2 Challenges to Advance Cloud-Smart Strategies

The U.S. federal government is ahead of other industries in the adoption of multicloud, which is imperative to mission success.

NIST’s Supply-Chain Security Guidance Tells Agencies: Look to FedRAMP First

The agency has spent years revising guidance for organizations to address vulnerabilities presented by vendors of software and other enterprise suppliers.

Microsoft, DoD Partners Celebrate Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

The company may have the chance to negotiate exclusive intellectual property rights—with an exception for the government—to innovations emerging from the collaboration.

NSA Re-awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon

Amazon Web Services beat out Microsoft for the contract after a bid protest battle.

DOD’s Long and Winding Road to (Hopefully) Deploying an Enterprise Cloud

Every new delay should “be an alarm that goes off in the hearts and minds of those who are looking at how we can be competitive in the future against China,” according to one official.

Survey: No Clear Winner in Cloud Wars

The biggest potential differentiator is automated cloud migration services.

CISA Seeks Comment on Visibility Effort Being Piloted with Cloud Service Providers

The agency is starting to spend the $690 million it got through the American Rescue Act to monitor security and respond to incidents across federal civilian networks.

Air Force software factory looks to unleash 'chaos' on civilian IT shops

The Kessel Run group is currently developing a playbook that would make it easier for organizations across the federal government to adopt engineering and security best practices.

Microsoft to Offer Its Office 365 Platform for Classified Workloads

Microsoft’s popular software-as-a-service offering is undergoing government review to ensure it can host some kinds of classified data. Can Support 100 Million Users Per Hour Under Air Force, GSA Collab

The tech-savvy Kessel Run division of the Air Force and the GSA’s Technology Transformation Services worked together to improve customer service on the federal government's cloud software platform.