Pentagon Wants to Move Some Cyber Defense Operations to the Cloud

The Defense Department’s considering a cloud extension of its Acropolis system, which it describes as “where we fight” in cyberspace.

Modernization Nation

This Nextgov ebook looks at updating the federal government’s technology and operations.

What DOD’s Change In Cloud Leadership Means For Multibillion-Dollar Programs

The Defense Department’s management chief Jay Gibson discusses the evolving Cloud Executive Steering Group.

How to Modernize While Meeting Multiple Mandates

An enterprisewide approach will not only secure systems but put agencies in line to meet several compliance regulations.

CIA Official: Cloud Is More Secure Than Old Tech, Less 'Soul-Crushing'

Is cloud more secure than traditional government data centers? The CIA seems to think so.

How to Secure Applications in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Enforcing multifactor authentication is just one way to help secure data.

First Modernization Fund Winners Offer Cheat Sheet for Future Pitches

The first three awardees of the Technology Modernization Fund offer a window into the kinds of projects and pitches the board is looking for.

DISA Plans to Change How Pentagon Employees Browse the Internet

Officials are looking to isolate the internet from agency networks by pushing web browsing to the cloud.

Russia, Too, Is Building a Giant War Cloud

It’s the latest improvement in the Russian military’s ability to operate off the rest of the world’s grid.

Pentagon’s Second Multibillion Cloud Contract to Be Bid in Coming Months

Officials say the Defense Department’s multibillion Defense Enterprise Office Solutions contract is expected to be bid out in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

Microsoft Has Agreed to Buy GitHub for $7.5 billion

The acquisition of GitHub will likely strengthen Microsoft’s cloud services offerings.

Pentagon Answers JEDI Pricing Questions But No RFP Yet

For the first time, the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud procurement has hit a time snag.

GAO Rules Against Pentagon's Experimental $950 Million Cloud Deal

The Government Accountability Office recommended the Defense Department terminate a contract awarded to REAN Cloud in February.

Another Defense Agency to Tap CIA's Commercial Cloud

Documents indicate the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center aims to provision secret and top secret cloud services from the Amazon-developed C2S Cloud.

Pentagon’s MilCloud 2.0 Could Host Classified Data by 2019

The cloud offering is close to meeting stringent requirements to host secret and top secret classified data.

A New Open-Source Framework for Government Projects

Louisville, Kentucky is making the infrastructure for analyzing historic Waze data available to anyone who partners on the process.