Report: Amazon HQ2 Coming to Northern Virginia, NYC

Amazon’s presence in the Beltway is set to grow, according to The New York Times.

Public Input on ‘Cloud Smart’ Policy Starts With a Basic Question: What Is Cloud?

Commenters suggested various parameters for what cloud computing in government should look like, but most agreed the draft document needs a better definition.

Three Agencies Tap Technology Modernization Fund in Second Round

After the second round of projects, about $31.5 million is left in the TMF coffers.

IBM Buys RedHat in $34 Billion Deal

One of the biggest tech acquisitions ever revolves around cloud computing.

It’s Time to Tackle the Problem of Unapproved Cloud Apps to Keep your Agency Secure

Employees may not realize they're doing anything wrong but these potential leaks still need to be plugged.

Pentagon Announces Major Changes to Its Other Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Contract

The Defense Department’s partnership with the General Services Administration leads to a rethought Defense Enterprise Office Solutions competition.

DHS Plans to Rejigger Government’s Cyber Sensor System for Move to Cloud

The government’s current system of Einstein cyber threat sensors isn’t well-suited to the scale and complexity of cloud systems.

Amazon Is 'Fueling' ICE Deportations, a New Report Says

The report compiles information from contracts, lobbying data and other government and corporate records.

USDA Saved Millions So Far Due to Centers of Excellence

The Agriculture Department has avoided $26 million in spending due to the first phase of its modernization effort.

Microsoft, Amazon CEOs Stand By Defense Work After Google Bails on JEDI

The leaders of two contenders for the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract sounded off on Google’s decision not to bid.

IBM Files Bid Protest Against Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

IBM becomes the second company to file a pre-award bid protest against the Pentagon’s multibillion cloud contract.

The Security Advantages of Cloud Computing Revisited

Seven years ago, we understated the case for cloud security.

Microsoft to Host the Government’s Classified Data Early Next Year

The software giant made a slew of announcements Tuesday that indicate how seriously it is targeting government business, especially cloud computing.

Oracle Continues Protest Push Against JEDI

Another legal maneuver by Oracle just a week before bids for the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract are due.

NOAA Needs to Know If Its Big Data Cloud Partnerships Are Working

The agency wants to hear from users before it takes its next steps in its open data program.