Microsoft, Amazon CEOs Stand By Defense Work After Google Bails on JEDI

The leaders of two contenders for the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract sounded off on Google’s decision not to bid.

IBM Files Bid Protest Against Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

IBM becomes the second company to file a pre-award bid protest against the Pentagon’s multibillion cloud contract.

The Security Advantages of Cloud Computing Revisited

Seven years ago, we understated the case for cloud security.

Microsoft to Host the Government’s Classified Data Early Next Year

The software giant made a slew of announcements Tuesday that indicate how seriously it is targeting government business, especially cloud computing.

Oracle Continues Protest Push Against JEDI

Another legal maneuver by Oracle just a week before bids for the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract are due.

NOAA Needs to Know If Its Big Data Cloud Partnerships Are Working

The agency wants to hear from users before it takes its next steps in its open data program.

FBI Director Implores Corporate Boards to Join Cyber Fight

Companies should amp up protections and be wary of deals that expose U.S. intellectual property, FBI Director Chris Wray says.

GSA Awards $2.5 Billion Payroll and Work Scheduling Contract

The award is part of GSA’s NewPay Initiative aimed at making payroll and scheduling more user-friendly.

Homeland Security Wrestles with Defending a Disappearing Network Perimeter

Homeland Security and administration officials are working on an update to the Trusted Internet Connection policy and keeping it tech-agnostic.

GSA Picks Second Agency to Get Centers of Excellence Support

The next agency will focus on IT and modernization for business processes and accounting.

Pentagon Extends JEDI Deadline Again—With a Catch

The department is requiring bidders to deliver their proposals in person.

White House Outlines Move from ‘Cloud First’ to ‘Cloud Smart’

The administration wants comments on its plan for governmentwide cloud computing adoption.

Company That Pushed Hackers Out of DNC Now Protecting Government Systems

CrowdStrike is authorized to protect ‘moderate impact level’ cloud-based government systems.

Federal Cloud Spending Trends Toward All-Time High

Cloud spending is sky-high across federal agencies and only expected to grow from here, according to a new analysis.

How One Company Aims to Model the World—and All Its Activity—in the Cloud

Descartes Labs is building a platform to let the Pentagon analyze all the geospatial intelligence, all the time.

Oracle Files Second Supplemental Protest Against JEDI

The company continues to keep the legal pressure on the Defense Department.