Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is Great – You’re Just Using it Wrong

COMMENTARY | ChatGPT is better used for playacting than playing at finding facts.

Why 2 Lawmakers Turned to AI to Advocate for Its Own Regulation

The congressmen have been using artificial intelligence systems to write Congressional texts, as they push for both regulation and innovation in the field.

IBM, NASA Will Use AI to Improve Climate Change Research

The research will use IBM’s artificial intelligence technology and NASA’s Earth and geospatial science data for easier and faster research.

Defense Kicks Off First Series of Global Information Dominance Experiments Program

The program brings together multiple experts within the Defense Department to develop and implement advanced AI and data analytics in warfighting operations.

NIST Debuts Long-Anticipated AI Risk Management Framework

With the launch of the AI RMF 1.0, federal researchers focused on four core functions to structure how all organizations evaluate and introduce more trustworthy AI systems.

U.S. Officially Leads the Freedom Online Coalition for the First Time

The U.S. will helm the chairship position at the Freedom Online Coalition, focusing on promoting digital liberties and enforcing AI standards and safeguards.

White House Blueprint is the Starting Point for Building Responsible AI

COMMENTARY | The report brings new urgency to ongoing agency efforts.

Plan for Federal AI Research and Development Resource Emphasizes Diversity in Innovation

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force released its operating framework, making the case for implementation.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

NIST Looks to Improve Recruitment with Augmented Writing Software

The agency will use the platform to center diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring efforts.

AI Research Task Force Votes to Send Final Report to Congress, President

The task force’s report details a plan for the AI research resource initiative, including governance, funding, security and ethics on issues like AI bias.

Scientists Weigh in on the Ethics of Next-Generation AI

The release of a powerful and publicly available AI has raised questions about the technology's potential and points of concern.

EEOC on the Lookout for Tech-Fueled Employment Bias

The employment rights enforcement agency announced plans to crack down violations of anti-discrimination rules stemming from the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making software.

Can Machine Learning Predict the Next Big Disaster?

A new study shows how machine learning could predict rare disastrous events, like earthquakes or pandemics.

National Science Foundation Spearheads New Funding to Improve Diversity in AI Workforce

In collaboration with six other federal groups, the NSF will focus on expanding minority-serving university offerings in artificial intelligence and machine learning education.

The AI Behind ChatGPT Looks to Visualize the World

Nextgov explored the image-generation capability of OpenAI's DALL-E artificial intelligence program.

Portman Optimistic His Bipartisan Cyber Work Will ‘Carry On’ After Retirement

The tech advocate noted agencies still need good cyber hygiene and anticipates AI to be at the top of the Congressional tech policy agenda. 

Standards Development a ‘Critical’ Issue for US-EU Trade and Tech Council

The bilateral group’s agenda heading into 2023 will include emerging technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence, State Department Undersecretary Jose Fernandez said.