Artificial Intelligence

Nation-state actors are exploiting AI for discord and attacks, DHS warns

The agency’s 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment notes that the “proliferation of accessible AI” could enable larger-scale cyberattacks against the U.S.

State dives deep into data

The State Department is increasingly capitalizing on advances in data analytics to inform diplomacy and funding efforts.

DHS creates new chief of AI and unveils safety policies

The Department of Homeland Security is advancing its use of artificial intelligence technologies with new leadership and guidance.

Energy focused on emerging technology R&D to combat climate change

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm emphasized the agency’s goals in areas like fusion energy and AI in testimony before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Eileen Donahoe tapped for State Dept. digital freedom envoy

The former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council will work within the State Department’s Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy.

Energy officials say their agency can lead the federal approach to national AI R&D efforts

Agency witnesses testifying at a Senate hearing spoke to Energy’s posture in addressing the “grand challenge” in safely developing and deploying artificial intelligence. 

AUKUS partnership success hinges on export controls for sensitive tech, officials say 

The trilateral Australia-U.K.-U.S. partnership is intended to share more emerging technologies, which officials say demands synchronicity in export control standards. 

How NASA, NOAA and AI might save the internet from devastating solar storms

Coronal mass ejections that can occur during the solar maximum are electrically charged, meaning they can easily destroy electrical and computer equipment.

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When Words Matter

How ‘transfer learning’ can supercharge natural language processing in government

Emerging tech is an SBA priority for both internal systems and external assistance

The Small Business Administration is leading the charge to democratize access to emerging technologies — particularly AI — across U.S. companies.

Library of Congress probes the many collisions of copyright and AI

The Copyright Office has questions about how protections do — or don’t — apply to AI-generated works.

Agriculture Department is taking a ‘cautious’ approach to generative AI

The agency’s data “also needs to be in a condition… to support those kinds of tools,” according to USDA chief data officer and responsible AI officer, Chris Alvares.

New Chinese research examines how to get drones to target without GPS

But camera data can’t tell a drone whether hitting a target is a bad idea.

4 ways the defense spending bill could have addressed AI, other issues to boost cybersecurity

COMMENTARY | The Senate's version of the fiscal 2024 National Defense Authorization Act does address some important cybersecurity issues, but it may have missed opportunities to expand collaboration and tackle emerging technology challenges.

AI and new standards promise to make scientific data more useful by making it reusable and accessible

COMMENTARY | Data replication is an integral part of the scientific process, which proper research data management can improve.

It’s time to talk about user responsibility and generative AI

COMMENTARY: While the conversation around artificial intelligence has mostly centered on the obligation of software developers to create ethical guardrails for the technology, it's time to focus on the accountability of the users.

Emerging technologies star in White House R&D priorities

The Office of Science and Technology Policy released the fiscal 2025 federal research priority docket, focusing on a resilient U.S. research culture. 

FEC takes preliminary step toward regulating AI in political ads

The Federal Election Commission voted to advance a petition calling for the agency to amend its rules around “fraudulent misrepresentation” to include ads that use deceptive AI.

New AI laser system to guard US capital region from unauthorized aircraft

‘The first line of defense is actually that they will beam a laser at the cockpit of the aircraft.’