Almost 9 in 10 Federal Agencies Using or Considering 5G, Per Study

General Dynamics Information Technology’s survey of 500 federal employees identified concerns about costs, cyber risks and integration challenges when it comes to adopting 5G capabilities.

Lockheed Martin, Verizon Demonstrate Capabilities of 5G-Enabled Drones for DOD

Recent tests showcase how multiple drones can conduct real-time transfers of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data to geolocate military targets.

How Will the Military Use 5G? A New Drone Experiment Offers Clues

High-speed, low-latency networks promises to help bring AI to bear on floods of battlefield sensor data.

Ligado’s 5G Network Will Interfere With Some DOD Satellite Services, Report Finds

The study determined that Ligado’s terrestrial wireless network will not cause ‘significant harmful interference’ for most GPS receivers, but will potentially impact Iridium satellites used by the Defense Department.

5G and Cloud Can Work Together to Improve Government Operations, Experts Say

Government and private sector officials explained how 5G can be an “underlayment” for scale and speed.

The U.S. Army Is Hunting For More Soldier-Connected Tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.

5G Presents a Need for Spectrum Coordination Among Federal Agencies

A Senate hearing underscored the need for federal telecommunication agency teamwork surrounding 5G spectrum deployment.

DOD Launches 6G R&D Center as it Eyes Transition to NextG Wireless Tech

The center will be part of the Department of Defense’s Innovative Beyond 5G Program and provide public and private sector collaboration on the emerging technology.

The Navy Is Testing 5G For Future Forward Operating Bases

From drone-deployed 5G networks to digital twinning, a small 5G pilot is rewriting the rules for battlefield connectivity.

FBI, Verizon Collaborate on $400M IT Overhaul

The telecommunications giant will help the law enforcement agency improve connectivity and security for its acting agents. 

Some Commercial Aircraft Will Feature New Altimeters Amid 5G C-Band Rollout

The FAA released new details of its 5G deployment plan following uproar over air travel safety with the enhanced broadband network. 

Peachtree Corners Continues to Lead the Way in American Smart Cities

Nextgov checked back in with the city that houses the innovative Curiosity Lab.

CISA, DOD Report Gaps for Agencies Assessing 5G Security Risks

Agency officials identified a lack of guiding standards for determining and mitigating risk from certain implementations of the technology and advised agencies to proceed with caution, employing penetration tests accordingly.

This Crafty Tool Can Eavesdrop on 6G Wireless Signals

A little MacGyvering can create security issues for next-gen communications.

The military's 5G capabilities could be stale by the time they're fielded

The Navy's chief digital innovation officer, Michael Galbraith, said when it comes to 5G, his biggest concern after security is "time to market."

Private Sector Player Urges DOD to Screen 5G Technology for Cybersecurity

The Pentagon is offering cash prizes for hardware or software ideas to make various components of fifth-generation networking technology interoperable across various manufacturers.