FedBizOpps contractor under FBI investigation


Symplicity allegedly snooped on competitors.

The FBI is investigating the contractor that runs FedBizOpps.gov, the main government contracting website, for allegedly spying on competitors, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

FNR obtained a search warrant issued in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia alleging Symplicity Corp. CEO Ariel Friedler repeatedly snooped on competitor Maxient LLC’s website to see if the school and university software contractor had won new business. He allegedly used anonymizing tools to hide his actions.

If Friedler or other Symplicity executives are indicted in the case the companies’ contracts may be suspended.

Symplicity has won more than $30 million in federal contracts so far this year. Symplicty, the FBI and the General Services Administration declined to comment on the search warrant, according to the FNR report.

Maxient co-owner Aaron Hark sent FRN an email stating: “[It] is our belief that the facts laid out by the government in its affidavit are true and accurate. And if that should be proven, we will only be dumbfounded as to why a large company and CEO that have been so clearly successful in so many different areas of the technology industry, would stoop to such tactics for a little extra advantage over a couple of small businesses.”

(Image via scyther5/Shutterstock.com)