Editor's note: Our new logo

We've given Nextgov.com, along with our newsletters, a new look today with a new logo.

The change is in connection with the redesign of the October edition of Government Executive magazine, the flagship publication of Government Executive Media Group, which includes Nextgov. To complete the redesign, we hired Pentagram, a world-class New York design firm whose other recent projects have included redesigns of our sister publications, The Atlantic and National Journal.

The new logo and other minor tweaks you see on Nextgov today are just the first step. In a few months, you'll see a redesigned website, along with a host of new features.

The changes are part of a much broader effort to bring you the kind of information you need in a more useful and engaging way. As Government Executive Media Group Editor in Chief Tom Shoop explains, "It's all part of our commitment to serving the people who make government work. At a time when others denigrate public service and those who have devoted their careers to it, we're doubling down on our commitment to you. From our perspective, the only difference between government executives and those in the private sector is that public servants are responsible for leading and managing organizations with much more complex, challenging and important missions."